Eden Township to further review decision for resident’s proposed woodworking business | Regional

When: Eden Township board of supervisors meeting, June 8.

What happened: Supervisors gave updates on a pending settlement between the township and resident Omar Esh. The supervisors then tabled the matter for the July meeting for further solicitor review.

Background: Esh, of 353 Camargo Road, submitted applications for establishing a woodworking business on his 6-acre property in the agriculture zoning district. Two requests for 2,000 extra square feet for his business, one in March 2019 as a home business and a reapplication in July 2019 as a farm business, were both denied by the zoning board, which said Esh doesn’t meet either classification.

Proposed terms: Chairperson Joe Rineer said the township would recommend the zoning hearing board allow his business to operate if Esh pay a $2,300 fine and allow township inspections. Esh couldn’t have a dedicated storefront, use more than three full-time employees or use more than 2,500 square feet of space. Although Esh agreed to the terms, the final agreement cannot be approved until all supervisors agree.

Co-op agreements: The supervisors approved unanimously an equipment co-op agreement for a belt loader and roller. Eden will share the use of a belt loader and roller with Sadsbury, Bart, and Colerain townships. However, the township will share the belt loader only with Paradise Township.

Auditor report: Township auditor Judy Landis announced to the supervisors there were no issues found in the 2019 audit report.

What’s next: Supervisors will meet at 7 p.m July 13. The chairman said the township will attempt to have an in-person meeting next month. A final decision from officials will be listed on the township website a week before the next meeting.

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