Beanly: Bringing cafe experience home

EP341 – Beanly: Bringing cafe experience home | Startup Central
19 JUNE 2020 09:18 IST | ET NOW | 06 MIN 52 SEC

On this episode of Startup Central, ET NOW’s Nayantara Rai is in conversation with Rahul Jain. Co-founder, Beanly. The company was started for Rahul & Samayesh’s love for fresh coffee 7 that led them on a journey to find something better than an everyday cup. The goal was to find a convenient way to brew a cup from fresh coffee grounds; without using any expensive equipment or gadgets. Their long quest came to a close after months of experiments & the final result was the Beanly Pour-Over and Dip Coffee in a single-serve avatar. It will go where you go – whether you’re on top of a mountain or far at sea, just add hot water and watch the magic brew. Listen in!

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