Democrats are ruining our cities: Letter | Opinion

Take a look around at all the once beautiful cities that have been trashed by Democrat Party rule. In California alone there are several once beautiful cities that now qualify as rat-infested open sewers. In Chicago, on average 10 people (mostly Black-on-Black crime) are murdered each week, and not one peep from either the Democrat Party or Black Lives Matter.

All around our country in large cities that have been ruled by the Democrats for years, nothing improves. Poverty continues in large part because Democrats won’t allow Black children from poor neighborhoods go to good schools.

And now their latest proposal is to dismantle police departments and replace them with what? Just picture Minneapolis, Seattle, L.A., … without police. What insurance company is going to insure your home, business, car? What bank, grocery store, pharmacy, or for that matter any business will remain in a city without a police department to protect them? How about the safety of the cities residents? Who do you call when someone breaks into your home, a social worker?

If this is what you want for your city, state, or country, then go ahead and vote Democrat. I’ll be voting Republican.

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