Local coffee shop stays closed amid mask concerns

DE PERE Wis. (WBAY) – As some businesses open with safety measures, a local coffee shop has decided to keep its doors closed, after realizing a lot of people walking up to the shop are not wearing a mask.

About four months after the safer-at-home order and closing its doors, Luna Cafe in De Pere expressed to its customers that it will stay dark. The coffee shop posted on social media noting the amount of people coming up to its closed doors who were not wearing a mask which was not a good sign for the owners who didn’t feel it was safe to open just yet. 

“It occurred to us that it’s something you do not just for yourself but for other people, and if people are able to look at it that way,  I think it’s a lot easier just to do it and be part of a movement that is taking everyone’s health into consideration,” said Mark Patel, Co-owner of Luna Cafe.

While the cafe understands wearing a mask is a personal choice, it doesn’t feel safe putting anyone in a position where they can get sick. The owners said the decision to keep the location in De Pere closed right now was a logical one to protect the safety of their families customers but also employees exposing themselves to dozens of people every day.

Luna Cafe has found ways to keep the business thriving through free local deliveries and installing this walk-up window at its Bellevue location. 

“It’s not about just me, it’s about you and everybody that you’re in contact with, and that i’m in contact with, so I have family that’s high risk, our employees have family that are high risk, so if we can keep each other safe, that is the goal,” said Naomi Allen, Cafe Manager at Luna Cafe.

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