Ohio State Shutdown Causes Millions In Losses For CampusParc

Ohio State University’s parking administrator, CampusParc, is feeling the pressure after four months of the coronavirus pandemic keeping workers, students and visitors away from the college.

CampusParc has processed more than 7,000 permit cancellations since the university’s emergency declaration. In some circumstances, the company can demand money from the school if policy changes cut into revenue.

But CEO Sarah Blouch says the current shutdown wouldn’t qualify.

“If the university somehow decided ‘we don’t like red cars and we don’t want any coming to campus,’ or something that,” Blouch offers as an example. “Or if they make a significant change like, ‘We don’t want a certain group to park on campus anymore,’ or ‘We want to change where people park and things like that,’ that could be, but this is not that.”

While Blouch wouldn’t offer specifics, she acknowledged the parking company’s losses so far are in the millions of dollars. Still, she said CampusParc isn’t going anywhere.

“We’re assuming an impact through fall,” Blouch says. “We are looking at potential impacts going beyond that. I won’t say they won’t hurt and we may have to restructure some things we do as a business, but at no point in time in the foreseeable future would we need to say we just can’t do this anymore.”

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