Counting On Season 11 Premiere Release Date, Plot and Cast: What Do We Know So Far?

After a lot of rumors, theories and speculative news, TLC unveils the premiere date of Counting On Season 11. Towards the end of Season 10, there were rumors of the show being cancelled but it looks like TLC did not wish to disappoint the fans of the Duggar Family drama.

Counting On Season 11 Release Date and Premiere News

Counting On Season 11 is scheduled to release on the 30th of June 2020. Counting On Season 11 will feature weekly episodes on Tuesdays at 9PM ET on TLC. Counting On Season 11

Counting On Season 11 Plot News

Counting On Season 11 plot revolves around the Duggar children and their numerous challenges which they will counter in their new journey. The Duggar family will continue to entertain its audience from the 30th of June 2020. However, Duggar Family Season 11 Episode 1 will feature the Covid-19 life of the Duggar family members. The real drama will continue from where it ended in Season 10 on the 7th of July 2020, the date when the the second episode will premiere.

The plot tease of TLC for Counting On Season 11 reads, “As their family tree grows, the Duggar children are facing new challenges, exciting life opportunities and the anticipation of branching out on their own. For some, that’s all the way to the west coast. Through the joyful highs, heartbreaking losses and sweet everyday moments, the Duggars continue to bring audiences along on their family journey. COUNTING ON returns with new episodes on Tuesday, June 30th at 9PM ET/PT.

The season begins with a one-hour COUNTING NOW episode that will take viewers into what quarantine and social distancing means for a family of 19+ people! To see how they are coping with the effects of the COVID-19 virus, the special will check in with the different branches of the Duggar family across the country. Jessa and Ben struggle to keep three kids entertained while making the best of the situation at home. Jinger and Jeremy deal with the California restrictions, which are far stricter than those in Arkansas. Meanwhile, Jim Bob, Michelle, and the rest of the kids adjust to self-isolating when they have more than 10 people at home. Later, the entire family comes together for a family fun night… via video chat!

The regular season begins the following week on Tuesday, July 7th with the Duggar family picking up right where they left off. Jinger, Jeremy and Felicity have officially left Texas and are moving to their new home in Los Angeles. After a few additional stops along the way, they finally arrive and are thrilled to start this new chapter. Meanwhile, back at home, John David and Abbie get creative with their first-ever gender reveal!

Throughout the season, the Duggar children continue to come into their own, with many family units continuing to grow, and there could even be a surprise courtship announcement:

John David & Abbie and Josiah & Lauren welcome their first babies, while Joe & Kendra give birth to their second baby.

Jinger, Jeremy and daughter Felicity warm up to their new LA lifestyle by taking on new activities such as swimming lessons, high-end shopping and even skateboarding. After revealing that they were expecting, Jinger must deliver the sad news that she miscarried this past winter. With months of grieving behind, they are happy to announce in the season finale, they are again expecting a baby with a fun virtual gender reveal.

After suffering a tough loss, Joy & Austin announce that they are also expecting.”

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