NTT DOCOMO Ventures Invests in Autonomous Drone Startup Skydio

NTT DOCOMO Ventures has invested in Skydio, a company developing autonomous drones leveraging AI technologies.

Skydio is the leading U.S. drone manufacturer and world leader in autonomous flight. Skydio leverages breakthrough AI to create the world’s most intelligent flying machines for use by consumer, enterprise, and government customers. 


The drone market has been expanding in enterprise industries such as inspection, agriculture, aerial photography, and logistics as well as in the consumer space, and the market is expected to continue to grow. 

Skydio is developing drones based on the founders’ 10+ years’ experience pioneering autonomous flight. The company commercialized a new drone ‘Skydio 2’ in the winter 2019. Cameras on the drone combined with world leading computer vision technology enable it to understand a 360 degree view of its environment in real time while flying. These technologies are at the core of Skydio’s autonomy engine which enables the drone to autonomously follow a specified subject avoiding obstacles; it can also avoid collisions even when manually operated. The drone can also safely fly inside a GPS-denied areas (inside buildings for example) using the camera-based technologies.

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