Housebuyers in race for space, says law firm

The housing market is ‘incredibly busy’ across the north west with buyers seeking to find more space, says regional conveyancing specialist Adkirk Law.

Linda Kirk, director of conveyancing at the Preston-based law firm, says the pandemic – coupled with the benefits of a stamp duty holiday – has fuelled a buoyant market with increased room a priority for buyers.

Linda said: “We are seeing the move to more space inside and outside of a property as a priority for many of those buying or seeking to buy. The benefits of the stamp duty holiday, added to the experience of coronavirus, seems to be fuelling the trend in all regions.

“People are also looking for property with enough space to be able to work from home in the new way businesses are looking to the future.

“The north west market is certainly buoyant and people are also realising how much more property and space they can buy in the region than in the south.”

New builds continue to be sold quickly with the added benefit of the Help to Buy scheme still available. Help to Buy is the government scheme designed to help people purchase a new property with as little as just five per cent deposit together with an equity loan from the government of 20 per cent means just a 75 per cent mortgage is required. The aim of the scheme is to increase the supply of new homes and enable buyers to purchase a larger home than they would otherwise be able to do.

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