Has Theft Become a Larger Problem in 2020?

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, including businesses and homeowners. Aside from braving the ongoing world pandemic, theft cases have increased. Some people have lost everything they’ve worked for to burglars. It’s indeed true that theft has become rampant this year. But how do you avoid becoming a victim? Well, it’s simple. Invest in security systems, access control systems, among other security enhancement measures.

Only then can you rest assured that your business premise or home is secure. The increase in theft cases is as a result of harsh economic conditions. Most people have been sucked while others are on unpaid leaves. Therefore, the number of people struggling to make ends meet has tripled in the last couple of months. Given the current conditions, this is the right time to boost your home or business security. In a moment, we’ll look at everything you should know before buying a home/ business security system.

What’s the state of business/home security in the United States?

Surprisingly, in the United States alone, over 2 million homes and businesses are burglarized every year. The FBI has backed up this devastating news. This is to say that a home or a company is broken into in the country every thirteen seconds. And these figures have increased in 2020. To escape the current burglary trend, investing in a business or home security system is worth the effort. Be sure to check the link provided above to discover your business or home’s best security systems. Let’s switch to things you should know before shopping for a suitable security system.

What you Should Know When Buying Home/Business Security System 

Below are important things to note while shopping for an ideal security system for your business or home. There we go!

Property protection gadgets to keep your valuable safe

Thanks to the advancement in technology, your safety is guaranteed. For instance, you can buy devices to alert you in case someone tampers with your valuables. It’s termed as an asset protection gadget. The device is accurate and will alert you even if someone tampered with your jewelry leaving no physical evidence. Knowing that your things are safe will give you peace of mind. With such a device, you can comfortably leave your home cleaners alone without caring that they might steal from you. This also applies to your business.

Home security systems are different from Burglar alarms.

There is a key difference between the two. A home security system is an excellent choice for homes as it has more benefits than burglar alarms. The latter comes with sensors to install on windows or doors. In case someone enters your home, they alert you. You can also set them to alert law enforcers. So, burglar alarms have their advantages. However, they can’t be compared with the home security system- it sends you an alert in case of environmental changes, including floods, carbon monoxide, and fire, etc. While buying a home security system, be sure to shop from a reputable company to avoid compromising security.

Security systems function even during power blackouts

Supposing, you went for a vacation and enjoying the moment only to learn that there is a power outage in your home or premise. You will be wondering whether your security system is still working. Is my property safe? Or should I end this trip? However, traditional security systems that use electricity do not consume a lot of energy. They are low voltage. Besides, they come with a large battery. Therefore, during a power outage, the battery helps to back up the system.

Furthermore, you can also go for solar-powered security systems. You can use this one as an external security camera. Your entire system does not necessarily have to be solar-powered. Note that the solar-powered systems are expensive, but they are worth the investment since they function even during blackouts.

Size should be a concern

Most security companies will disregard the idea of considering the size of a security system. But this is a major concern since they exist in different sizes and types. In fact, skilled technicians can customize the system to align with your specific needs but at an extra cost. However, customizing your security system enhances its effectiveness, not to mention that it will perfectly serve the purpose. If you live in an apartment, consider going for a small-sized security system. For larger homes or businesses, install a large security system to cover all sections.

Finally, security systems are highly affordable. And their importance in securing your business or home amidst the increase of burglaries cannot be underrated. Talk to experienced technicians today to help take your business or home security to the next level.

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