Refiloe Nkele: A multi-talented forex master and entrepreneur, inspiring the world through his works

Looking at how the world around is changing and how so many talented youngsters are entering the business scene, we can confidently say that many business industries of the world are into safe hands, as these youngsters bring along with them many new concepts, ideas and strategies that completely give a new face to their respective fields. The financial industry is no different and the world of forex trading has so far been witness to many young talented minds; one amongst these youngsters is Refiloe Nkele, known more by his pen name as Ref Wayne from South Africa.

Long have we known success stories of many forex traders and experts in the financial industry of the world who have gone ahead many others with their unique services that have helped not only the entrepreneur but most importantly all the people who get associated with them by fulfilling their personal and business goals. Ref Wayne has also strived to be that dynamic entrepreneur who has become a partner for growth to people and is helping them achieve their personal and business goals easier and faster.

Ref Wayne was born in Meadowlands in the heart of Soweto Read and since the beginning the world of forex trading always attracted him. However, he dropped out of high school and started selling sim cards to make a living. This was the turning point in his life, as he met his trading guru named Mr David Schwartz, who took him on the journey of forex trading.

Starting trading at only 16 years of age, he never looked back as by the age of 19 he made his 1st million and by 22, his first billion. He always had a high IQ level and showed interest in different subjects of Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Physics and Psychology.

Today, Ref Wayne is a multi-talented entrepreneur, who in 2014 came up with “African Foreign Institute”, where he educates many on how they can earn a living working from home. He shares many trade and market secrets that motivate people to enter the forex trading world, making efforts for the bigger aim to reduce poverty in South Africa.

Apart from this, the young multimillionaire also launched “The Armageddon System”, which is s robust forex trading software, enabling traders to engage conveniently. Ref Wayne is also a motivational speaker who has tried to change the lives of people in South Africa and Botswana. He also offers his consultancy to many companies and holds TV programs and seminars. Ref Wayne is the man behind Africa’s first digital currency called “Pipcoin”, which facilitates instant global transactions as it is an open source, private centric digital currency.

Ref Wayne also remains in the news always for his books, like The Art of Trading and Armageddon in 2017 and another book named Top down analysis on the financial markets. Besides this, he has an album to his credit called ‘voice of the shamans’. The 25-year old self-made multimillionaire has authored various articles as well like ‘How the internet of things affect us’ and ‘How to overcome haters’.

Not forgetting his roots, Ref Wayne, at only 25 years is already making significant efforts to make a difference in people’s lives with his philanthropy work. He works to eradicate the issue of poverty in his country and through the esteemed African Forex Institute, also offers classes and workshops for all the aspiring forex traders. As a CSR initiative, Ref Wayne founded ‘Ref Wayne Foundation’, to provide free forex trading education to people.

Refiloe Nkele, aka Ref Wayne, being a 25 year old today is a forex trading guru in South Africa, a young role model, who inspires the world in ways more than one.

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