Two Female Entrepreneurs Carve Their Niche Into The World Of Social Media Marketing

Established in May of 2020, just two short months after the pandemic hit, social media entrepreneurs Aishah Mohamed and Shye Lee started Elite Tier Academy. They perhaps chose the most opportune moment in history to start a business venture in social media marketing, as many people have been laid off, are working from home, or have lost their jobs completely. So…why not do what you’ve always dreamed of and become your own boss?

There are so many questions about where to begin, especially with the internet world being such a vast, endless, and oftentimes confusing place. Elite Tier Academy teaches aspiring entrepreneurs, influencers, and brands how to elevate their businesses and generate income quickly. Their program lays things out in a simple, transparent way and covers everything from generating income on TikTok to starting your own business ebook.

Elite Tier Academy is women owned and operated. They strive to show their students that there are more creative ways to generate income online than simply going the route of the social media influencer. Mohamed previously had a 9-5 job and Lee worked in nightlife, and after taking a leap into the world of entrepreneurship, were able to generate six figure incomes in less than a year. They differentiate themselves from other agencies in the sense that their practice is straight to the point and offers a slew of affordable classes aside from their high-ticket mentorship program.

Aishah and Shye aspire to be the mentors they wish they had. It is sometimes difficult to tell whether an executive is actually devoted to teaching their employees useful skills, or if they’re simply in it to capitalize off of them. Elite Tier takes an honest, trustworthy approach, educating young women all around the world, specifically catering to young women of color. ”

People are attracted to my brand because I keep it all raw and real. I have a tough-love approach to things and won’t sugar coat anything to seem like life is absolutely perfect,” says Lee.

Personal branding is something every freelancer and business owner needs to master. Elite Tier teaches interesting and innovative ways to create a distinct voice for a business or brand, which is the most important thing in being a successful enterprise. They encourage their students to take risks, to carve a niche for themselves even where one might not exist yet. Elite Tier Academy encourages their clients to take charge of their lives and businesses, and in turn build an empire.

Here are their Instagram profiles: @shye.lee

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