LETTER: Who you vote for will affect your gun rights

The right to self-defense is on the ballot being mailed to you.

You won’t find it as line item on the ballot, but buried in every person named on that ballot is their position on your right to protect your life, home, business or the lives of loved ones.

Some say they support your right to self-defense, but vote to limit, curtail or even eliminate it and the means to it at every opportunity.

Protecting your right to self-defense is literally a matter of life and death; there are no do-overs when the mob knocks.

You either have it and the means to it or you don’t.

Who could have imagined the riots, arson, looting, assaults and murders we’ve seen the last six months — Seattle, Portland, Louisville, Minneapolis — the list is almost endless.

This anarchy is being exacerbated by the defund-the-police movement.

Dismantling and constraining of law enforcement’s ability to protect the citizens by the civilian political apparatus is shocking.

Yet when the protests come to the politician’s neighborhood, it’s quickly shut down by those same politicians.

The need for the right to self-defense is not just a local issue; it’s a national issue and should be a national right.

Unfortunately those restricting your self-defense rights for decades usually have a “D” by their name.

They have publicly stated they are coming for the means to self-defense.

Why do they want civilian disarmament?

Will they start with criminal disarmament?

Or will they start with us?

Joe Swordmaker

Port Angeles

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