Election Results: Illinois 14th Congressional District

ILLINOIS — The race for the seat in Illinois’s 14th Congressional District promises to be one of the most-watched in the state and Patch will bring you election results as they roll in.

Freshman lawmaker Lauren Underwood (D, IL-14) is defending her seat in the U.S. House of Representatives against entrepreneur and state lawmaker Jim Oberweis. Heading in to the election, Underwood was endorsed by President Barack Obama and Oberweis was endorsed by President Donald Trump.

Underwood vs. Oberweis Election results

Democrat Underwood was elected in 2018 when she defeated incumbent Randy Hultgren in the traditionally Republican district. Oberweis, a Republican, is hoping to flip the district back to red.

Jim Oberweis is chairman of the family-owned Oberweis Dairy and serves in the Illinois State Senate, where he is not seeking re-election.

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Underwood’s liberal stance on many key issues faces a challenge from conservative Oberweis.

Here’s a look at where each candidate stands on some key issues in the election.

According to Underwood’s campaign website, “Lauren’s number one priority in Congress is ensuring access to high-quality, affordable health care for our families and eliminating cost barriers to care.”

According to his campaign website, Oberweis “supports the free market, and believes government should play only a limited role in health care, while protecting those with pre-existing conditions.”

Gun Control

Underwood’s campaign website asserts that “Gun violence prevention is a public health issue, and Lauren believes that Congress must respond accordingly with data-driven, evidence-based policies.”

According to Northwest Herald, Oberweis is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. In a late-September debate against Underwood, Oberweis said he supports universal background checks, but added, “The best thing that we could do to protect our kids and adults would be to combine the five different databases that we have right now.”


In her Patch candidate survey, Underwood said the following about coronavirus: “Over the past six months, the Trump Administration has failed to implement a national COVID-19 strategy to provide the testing, tracing, and treatment needed to limit community spread and support a robust economic recovery. Meanwhile, our families, essential workers, students and small business owners are suffering without the support they need.”

In Oberweis’s Patch candidate survey, Oberweis said, “The most frustrating part of confronting COVID-19 has been the politicization of this virus. From the very beginning of the pandemic we lost valuable time in terms of responding to the virus because of the misinformation coming out of China. Had China been more forthcoming with good information about the disease, we could have been more informed in terms of how to respond.”

Black Lives Matter Movement

In her Patch candidate survey, Underwood said, “Black lives matter is a simple statement of values that I have been proud to see our community embrace. I literally witnessed change happen across the 14th District. I am truly inspired by the alliances that have formed across our community as we called for justice for Mr. Floyd. I was devastated to see the violence that occurred in Kenosha in the wake of Mr. Blake’s shooting. Racism, hate and weapons of war have no place in our communities. We should never seek to solve our problems through violence.”

In his Patch candidate survey, Oberweis wrote, “There is no question that black lives DO matter. I actively support efforts to eradicate racism in our society. But Black Lives Matter as an organization is a radical group committed to untenable policies like defunding the police and raising money for Democrat candidates. We need thoughtful, practical solutions not the radicalism Black Lives Matter as an organization offers. I strongly support the right of people to peacefully protest. I have done so myself. But what we are seeing with the rioting and looting, and violence is not peaceful protesting. They are destroying businesses and jobs, putting people out of work.”

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