PM Modi Hosts Virtual Global Investor’s Roundtable 2020, Assures Sturdy and Reliable Returns Even During Crisis

“If you want demand with democracy, India is the place to be” , says PM Narendra Modi as he hosted the Virtual Global Investor Roundtable (VGIR) 2020, in attendance of top 20 institutional investors from US, Europe, Canada, Korea, Japan, Middle East, Australia and Singapore.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted the Virtual international capitalist round-table conference (VGIR) twenty, that was attended by the heads of 20 high institutional investors from the US, Europe, Canada, Korea, Japan, Middle East, Australia and Singapore.

Addressing outstanding institutional investors from round the world, PM Modi assured that Republic of India might offer them sturdy and reliable returns in these times of crisis. Modi listed numerous reforms undertaken by the govt that create the state a moneymaking venture prospect for investors everywhere the world.

The VGIR was organized by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, and National Investment and Infrastructure Fund. it absolutely was associate exclusive dialogue between leading international institutional investors, Republic of Indian business leaders and therefore the highest decision-makers from the govt of India and monetary Market Regulators.

The round-table conference witnessed participation from twenty of the world’s largest pension and sovereign wealth funds with a complete Assets underneath Management of regarding US$6 trillion. These global institutional investors represent key regions as well as the US, Europe, Canada, Korea, Japan, Middle East, Australia, and Singapore.

The Indian participation at the roundtable was pictured by business leaders, financial market regulators, minister of finance Nirmala Sitharaman and RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das.

PM Modi Meets Ambani, Adani, Other India Inc. Heads To Discuss Economy
PM Modi’s Meet with Ambani, Adani, Other India Inc. Heads To Discuss Economy

Apart from this, there have been six major Republic of Indian industrialists namely-

Mukesh Ambani (RIL), switch Tata (Tata Group), Deepak Parekh (HDFC), Dilip Shanghvi (Sun Pharma), Nadan Nilekani (Infosys), and Uday Kotak (Kotak Mahindra Bank) who additionally spoke regarding their personal expertise in Indian Markets over the years.

Foreign investments in India rounds up at around USD 35.7 billion in one year. This was the highest-ever for the primary 5 months of a monetary year.

Let us understand the step by step breakdown of this online round table conference:

  • Innovative Spark in National Unity

“Through this year, as India bravely fought the global pandemic, the world saw India’s national character. The world also saw India’s true strengths. It successfully brought out traits that Indians are known for: A sense of responsibility. A spirit of compassion. National unity. The spark of innovation,” – PM Modi.

India has always been regarded to be united in situations that affect the entire nation. The sudden lockdown did come with many uncertainties and unrest among various people. Yet the rules were followed. Pm Modi also gave the citizens tasks like clapping for our healthcare workers and lighting of the candles and lamps as a sign of a hopeful future.

This lockdown also brought out creativity and innovation of many citizens. Start-ups saw a boost in their business due to the ease of business and the digital connectivity. Though the covid-19 pandemic had many cons it opened up a new window of innovative businessmen and market of consumers.

Indians respond to Modi's call, light lamps to 'challenge darkness' of corona crisis - World - DAWN.COM


  • Strength, Support and Stability of System, People and Policies.

PM Modi said- “India has shown remarkable resilience in this pandemic, be it fighting the virus or ensuring economic stability. This resilience is driven by the strength of our systems, support of our people and the stability of our policies.”

The prime Minister pointed out the resilience or the flexibility of the Indian citizens. Be it the curbing of the spread of the virus or dealing with the falling GDP and the economic which has been in the all-time low this year.

The policies implemented for the economic development has been constantly criticized by many economists yet the stability in the policies implemented are said to be with the support of the people in this strong system. 

  • Aatmanirbhar Bharat Vision

 “India’s quest to become Aatmanirbhar is not just a vision but a well-planned economic strategy. A strategy that aims to use the capabilities of our businesses and skills of our workers to make India into a global manufacturing powerhouse.”- PM Modi said

When we had a clash with the Chinese troops at the border of our nations, PM Modi introduced the Self Reliant – “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” moment. The dependency on the Chinese manufacturers for raw materials was extremely high, not just in India but also around the globe.

The pandemic came as an opportunity for India to become the next manufacturing hub of the world and as they say charity begins at home. The banning of Chinese products started and the importance of domestic producers grew to a great extend benefitting our own citizens and in turn our own economy.

 The Ease of doing Business

“Today, investors are moving towards companies which have a high Environmental, Social & Governance score. India already has systems and companies which rank high on this. India believes in following the path of growth with equal focus on ESG,” – PM Modi said

  • The 4 D’s – Democracy, Demography, Demand, Diversity

“India offers you Democracy, Demography, Demand as well as Diversity. Such is our diversity that you get multiple markets within one market. These come with multiple pocket sizes & multiple preferences. These come with multiple kinds of weather and multiple levels of development,” – PM Modi said

  • India as the future agriculture export hub

“Our recent reforms in agriculture open up new exciting possibilities to partner with the farmers of India. With the help of technology and modern processing solutions, India will soon emerge as an agriculture export hub,”- PM Modi said

  • The Dream of Digital India

PM Modi said- “Initiatives around innovation and digital have always been at the centre of our government’s policies and reforms. We’ve one of the largest number of start-ups and unicorns in the world. The growth rate in 2019 translates into an average of 2-3 start-ups getting set up every day.”

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  •  India is the place to be.

“If you want returns with reliability, India is the place to be. If you want demand with democracy, India is the place to be. If you want stability with sustainability, India is the place to be. If you want growth with a green approach, India is the place to be,”- PM Modi said

  •  Engine of Global Economic Growth

“A strong and vibrant India can contribute to the stabilization of the world economic order. We will do whatever it takes to make India the engine of global growth resurgence,” PM Modi said.

The Prime Minister expressed that India has an formidable attempt to invest $ 1.5 trillion below the National Infrastructure Pipeline. He listed various social and economic infrastructure comes planned in India under the pipeline, aimed for quicker economic process and alleviation of financial condition within the country.

He aforementioned India has began a huge infrastructure building spree of highways, railways, metros, water-ways, airports across the country. He other scores of cheap homes for the Neo-middle category also are planned.

He mixed up investments not simply in massive cities however in smaller cities and cities too and said mission-mode schemes are being enforced for development of such cities.
The Prime Minister elaborate the holistic strategy for the event of the financial sector.

He listed a number of the key initiatives for the development of the financial sector like comprehensive banking sector reforms, strengthening of monetary markets, unified authority for the International money Services Centre.

One amongst the foremost liberal FDI regimes, a benign tax regime for foreign capital, appropriate policy regimes for investment vehicles like Infrastructure fund and land Investment Trust, Implementation of financial condition and Bankruptcy Code, money authorisation through Direct profit Transfer and fin-tech primarily based payment systems like Ru-Pay cards and BHIM-UPI.

The Prime Minister remarked that initiatives around innovation and digital have forever been at the centre of state policies and reform. He discovered that India has one amongst the most important variety of start-ups and unicorns within the world and remains growing terribly fast.

He listed the initiatives of the govt to alter the personal enterprise to flourish. He aforementioned nowadays every sector in India like manufacturing, infrastructure, technology, agriculture, finance and even social sectors like health and education are trying up.

The Prime Minister highlighted that the recent reforms in agriculture has displayed new exciting potentialities to partner with the farmers of India. He visualized India to presently emerge as associate agriculture export hub, with the assistance of technology and trendy process solutions. He discovered the chance created by National Education Policy in fitting campuses of foreign universities here.

He expressed happiness that the world capitalist community has shown confidence in India’s future. He other the last five months have seen a thirteen percent rise in FDI inflows compared to last year.

PM Modi to hold video call with state CMs tomorrow at 3 pm, likely to discuss fate of lockdown 3.0

The Prime Minister pitched India is that the place to be, if one needs returns with reliability, demand with democracy, stability with property and growth with a inexperienced approach. He aforementioned India’s growth has the potential to turn global economic resurgence.

He other any accomplishment by India can have a number impact on World’s development and Welfare. He said a powerful and vivacious India will contribute to stabilization of the globe economic order. He assured the investors that the govt will do no matter it takes to create India the engine of worldwide growth resurgence.

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