We Need 10,000 New On-Line Merchants for Marketplace

Hello to Aurora-Metro Small Business Merchants, Vendors & Contractors…We need your help!

Local Merchants/Vendors/Contractors are Invited to Sell to Over 600,000 Shoppers on the “Aurora-Metro Area Ecommerce On-Line Marketplace (MWM”! 

Chuck Dushek of EcomGeoMarketplaces + Several Technology Services Collaborators + Local Host Organization(s) will be Launching a New Aurora-Metro Area Ecommerce Online Marketplace (MWM) to reach Over 600,000 local shoppers across Aurora-Metro’s 315 square miles.

MWM Marketplace is limited to a max of 10,000 Online Vendor/Merchants/Contractor businesses out of the 49,000 businesses in Aurora-Metro.  Annual Retail Sales Revenues on Marketplace are targeted to reach $1 billion within 5 years, which equals an average of $100,000 annual revenues per seller on MWM. Become an MWM Merchant at no out-of-pocket costs to you!  Vendor Applications will close on Jan 31, 2021.

MWM Founders are interested in gaining more Economic-Equality for the 240,000 people of Minority Cultures & Races representing 40% of the population throughout Aurora-Metro, and Economic Opportunities Equality for its 10,000 local merchants.

But First…We need at least 1,000+ Initial Vendor Inquiries by You…To design Seller logistics for MWM…So Please Immediately SHARE this Announcement with Merchants you know in Aurora-Metro Area!

MWM offers…Consumer Goods, Personal Services, Specialty & Ethic Stores, Fast-Food, Home Repairs & Renovation Contractors, Home-Based Businesses in Arts & Crafts, Child-Care, House Cleaning, and More. 

MWM Seller Fees are 90% Lower than AMAZON Marketplace.  Plus…Get a Free On-Line Website Storefront to operate a Hybrid On-Line & In-Store business model.  Have Free Technology Interns of Local Universities do website store-front customization and products & services uploads to your site…to get You Started in Ecommerce.  

Grow &  Sell 24/7 at 168 hours per week….Request more information to become an MWM Seller.…Contact: [email protected] or Phone me at 630-943-7716

Why MWM?  Local Aurora-Metro independent merchants and small businesses have lost $1 Billion in Annual Retail Sales since 2016 to AMAZON, Wal-Mart & Sam’s, COSTCO, and 47 other Big Retail Store Chain Brands. These 50 Biggest Retailers now hold 54% of all US retailing market share, and soon to have 60% share.

 The Big 50 Retailers below are corporate-owned, so local retailers Cannot Have Any Ownership in any of them, and can earn only minimum wage employment as Staff or Store Managers.

During the past 5 years, Big Retail Chains have quickly “Changed-Up to the Hybrid Dual In-Store and On-Line Selling Model” plus added Local-Area Package Deliveries and/or Store-Pickups.   Have you gone to Hybrid yet?… If Not.  Let’s….”Up Your Game and Re-Grow Your Business”.

These 2 Big Retailers could be doing 20% of all US Retail by 2021. COVID-19 is driving shoppers to fully-embrace the Big Retail On-Line Shopping Paradigm-Change.  Let’s Halt That Now!

“Sell From Anywhere” on MWM…a fixed-location store, a warehouse space, a fully-mobile presence for services/products, or from any in-home business of any type….No Limitations or Restrictions.

MWM Marketplace offers “EZ Same-Day or Next-Day” Local Store Pickups or does Local Deliveries via local Aurora-Metro package delivery carriers. MWM can operate like Wal-Mart and AMAZON on fulfillment Cost, Speed & Reliability. 

Anytime 24/7 Shopper Live Chat & Live Call-Ins to MWM Marketplace Services Desk to help Your Customers &  Shoppers with any: Carting, Payment or Delivery matter, 

Vendors do Instant Price-Changing, Sale Promos, Coupons…Add New Products & Services launches directly via their Mobile Devices or PC Desktops.  And, YES, there will be an MWM Mobile App for EZ-Everything!

MWM will offer Area-Wide WiFi connectivity for access by all Vendors and Shoppers within the MWM Geo-Area.

Expand your business-reach in Aurora-Metro and to “Be Open For Business” 168 hours per week 24/7 to Sell, Sell, Sell on MWM.  

Need Inventory Financing?…Use PayPal Inventory Lending…Paid-Off by future sales.  MWM uses low-cost debit-credit merchant processing, e-Checking Payments, PayPal, or PayPal Shopper Credit to do “Fast-Financing for Shoppers’ Large Purchases”. 

MWM is Hosted by: City Government, Chamber(s) of Commerce, Local Tech-Education-Focused Colleges/Universities and/or an Aurora-Metro Retailer Alliance Council.  Host(s) will earn-out revenues from MWM at 1% of sales to cover services & admin expenses. 

We need 1,000+ Initial MWM Merchant/Vendor Email Reply Inquiries to go to the Next Stage of MWM Development…PLEASE SHARE this announcement immediately with your local merchants’ community.

For Questions and Detailed Overview of Metro-Wide Ecommerce Online Retail Marketplace MWM,…

Contact: [email protected] or Phone or Text Me at 630-943-7716

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