Baker learns skills to improve home business after training

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Latisha Sagati (left) and Genevieve Masa displaying cupcakes during the academy women’s entrepreneurs trade workshop. – Nationalpic by LORRAINE JIMAL

A BAKER who attended an academy for women entrepreneurs (AWE) trade workshop says she has benefited from it learning skills and insight to improve her business.
Bougainvillean Latisha Sagati, the owner of a local business Hommie Cakes, who attended the AWE trade workshop this week at Moresby Arts Theatre, said she was ready to manage her business and build on what she had been doing over the last two years at home.
“I’m seriously thinking of registering the Hommmie Cake business now because this expo has given me the opportunity to know different skills of doing business,” she said.
Sagati said she did not just learn about trading, buying and selling a product but managing finances and operations.
“You need to step up and get into that entrepreneurship, don’t just stay as an SME (small to medium enterprise) person but you can invest in business.”
Sagati said she initially started baking for family and friends and did not have plans to make a business out of it until she was part of a dream builder US Embassy online course to support local small to medium enterprises.
She said doing well in a business that one had a passion for was good and she was ready to invest more in Hommie Cakes in Bougainville.

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