HomePod mini Intercom, new HomeKit cameras & lights, and more on HomeKit Insider

The HomeKit Insider podcast goes in depth on the new HomePod mini, plus new HomeKit cameras and lights devices from Aqara and Nanoleaf.

Apple took one of its biggest steps forward in HomeKit with the announcement of the HomePod mini and we answer all of your questions about what this means for our homes. That includes how you set up the new Intercom feature so that you can talk to your HomePod mini and have it relay your voice to an iPhone, iPad — and Apple Watch.

Yet however good HomePod mini is going to be as a speaker, and as a HomeKit hub, Apple is not the only firm with a new HomeKit product. Aqara’s Camera Hub G2H is now available in the US, and it’s a HomeKit Secure Video unit that doubles as a hub for Aqara devices such as lighting.

Speaking of lighting, Nanoleaf has now announced HomeKit-enabled Shapes Triangles, and Mini Triangles. These are the wall decorations that combine together in any pattern you want — which then lights up, too.

Aqara G2H Cam Promo

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