Marketplace to Revitalize Merchants & Fund Humanitarian Orgs

Hello to Aurora-Metro Small Business Merchants, Vendors & Contractors…We need your help!

Local Merchants/Vendors/Contractors are Invited to Sell to Over 600,000 Shoppers on the “Aurora-Metro Area Ecommerce Marketplace (MWM) of Aurora and 11 adjacent communities: Batavia, Geneva, Lisle, Montgomery, Naperville, North Aurora, Oswego, Plainfield, St. Charles, Warrenville, and Yorkville, covering 315 square miles.

Chuck Dushek of EcomGeoMarketplaces + Several Technology Services Collaborators will be Launching the Marketplace, whereby only local Merchants/Vendors/Contractors that are physically located within the Metro-Area can be Selling Members of Marketplace.  The Selling Area of Marketplace focuses only on the 315 square miles, which will have heavy and continuous online promotion to the 600.000 population to “SHOP HERE on MARKETPLACE “. 

Annual Retail Sales Revenues on Marketplace are targeted to reach $1 billion within 5 years, an average of $100,000 annual revenues per seller on MWM. Any of 5,000 differing business categories can become an MWM Merchant at no out-of-pocket costs to you!  

The Marketplace is a “Social Enterprise Business” meaning that it is a non-profit and exists to earn revenues to cover its operating expenses and to fund grants to civic, educational, and humanitarian organizations.  Up to $10 million a year earned from a 1% Sellers Fee will be donated proportionately to many orgs such as: Habitat for Humanity, Aurora University CIS, Salvation Army, Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans, Hesed House, The Homeless Shelters Project, Operation Smile, and others to be nominated.

MWM Founders are promoting more Economic-Equality for the 240,000 people of Minority Cultures & Races representing 40% of the population throughout Aurora & 11-adjacent communities, and to Regain Economic Opportunities Equality for its 10,000 local merchants.

MWM offers…Consumer Goods, Personal Services, Specialty & Ethic Stores, Fast-Food, Food-Trucks, Home Repairs & Renovation Contractors, Home-Based Businesses in Arts & Crafts, and More. 

MWM Seller Fees are 90% Lower than AMAZON Marketplace.  Plus…Get a Free On-Line Website Storefront to operate a Hybrid On-Line & In-Store business model.  Have Free Technology Interns of Local Universities do website store-front customization and products & services uploads to your site…to get You Started in Ecommerce. Plus a series of FREE Online E-Commerce Courses covering the: E-Com Merchant Basics, Using Your Storefront Admin Dashboard, Adding Products, Sales, Promo Coupons & Email Marketing Blasts. 

Why MWM?  Local Aurora-Metro independent merchants and small businesses have lost $1 Billion in Annual Retail Sales since 2016 to AMAZON, Wal-Mart & Sam’s, COSTCO, and 47 other Big Retail Store Chain Brands. These 50 Biggest Retailers now hold 54% of all US retailing market share.

 During the past 5 years, Big Retail Chains have quickly “Changed-Up to the Hybrid Dual In-Store and On-Line Selling Model” plus added Local-Area Package Deliveries and/or Store-Pickups.  These two things: Hybrid Selling and Store/Pickups & Local-Deliveries…local merchants must implement to have Equal-Standing to Your Competition….MWM offers these logistics. 

Let’s STOP local store closings! As an MWM vendor, you can Sell From Anywhere” to be a Member to MWM…A fixed-location store, A warehouse space, A fully-mobile presence for services/products, or From any in-home business of any type….No Limitations or Restrictions.

MWM Marketplace Offers Great Competitive Fulfilments via “EZ Same-Day or Next-Day” Local Store Pickups and MWM will do Local Deliveries via Aurora-Metro package delivery carriers. MWM can operate similar to Wal-Mart and AMAZON on fulfillment Cost, Speed & Reliability.

MWM Shoppers can do Anytime 24/7/365 Shopper Live Chat & Live Call-Ins to MWM Marketplace Services Desk to help Your Customers & Shoppers with any: Carting, Payment, Goods Pickups or Delivery Matters. This Service Desk is also the Anytime MWM Member Tech Support Group for Vendor Assistance 24/7/365.

MWM Merchants Open For Business 24/7/365: Expand your business-reach in Aurora-Metro and to “Be Open For Business” 168 hours per week 24/7.

Need Inventory Financing?…Use PayPal Inventory Lending…Paid-Off by future sales.  MWM uses low-cost debit-credit merchant processing, e-Checking Payments, PayPal, or PayPal Shopper Credit to do “Fast-Financing for Shoppers’ Large Purchases”. 

To Move MWM Forward…We need 1,000+ Initial MWM Merchant/Vendor Email Reply Inquiries to go to the Next Stage of MWM Development…PLEASE SHARE this announcement with your local merchants’ community so we can survey prospective MWM Sellers for their preference in Features & Functions for Marketplace.

We Invite You to Contact: [email protected] or Phone or Text Me at 630-943-7716

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