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NEW DELHI:  In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis and suspension of classrooms, the government is planning to dedicate a special package for the digitization of classrooms and to promote online learning. 

“The initial discussion on budget with the ministry of education has highlighted the need for online classes and digitisation of learning. While that was very much on the government agenda, Covid has made it a necessity. Both the ministries agreed on the need for special provision so that even the last mile classroom is connected,” said a senior official from the ministry of finance.  

The schools have been facing lots of challenges  including shortage of budget for conducting online classes, eversince the schools were closed.

“While even private schools are facing troubles, it is more severe for government schools in remote areas. Since the children who attend these schools are from the low-income groups, they do not have access to devices like laptops, cell phones or even (mobile) data in their home. This situation is going to stay. Schools need to be equipped for that,” the official added.

The budget earmarked Rs 99,300 crore for education sector in 2020-21.

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