Business Mentor: Lessons 2020 taught us

Last year, everyone was full of hopes and dreams for 2020. Many of us listed down our New Year’s resolutions to guide us on the new year. 

However, unexpected things happened as early as January. Taal Volcano erupted. And then the COVID-19 pandemic struck. 

It seemed like our life was on hold. We braced ourselves for the unexpected and prayed hard that this would all end. 

Time flies indeed. The year is almost over and it seems like 2020 was just a blur because of all the challenges we had to face. I sit in my office and reminisce about what has happened for the past 11 months. There seems to be not as much as in the past years. 

Some of our kababayans ended up jobless but found ways on how to get by. It is terrible how the pandemic has lingered and we are unaware when this would end. Until effective vaccines become available, we all should remain vigilant.

Life must go on. Despite wreaking havoc on our lives, COVID-19 has taught us some lessons which, hopefully, will remind us of how to be strong and resilient.

Here are some of the lessons from 2020:

1.    Staying at home is not a bore

Life is not over just because we are forced to stay at home. This is something that may have been “long overdue” for those who are always too busy. It was time to sit down and relax and be with the family and reconnect.

2.    Unemployment is not the end

Some people were laid off because there was a need to reduce the number of employees as businesses struggled. As the pandemic progressed, many did not solely rely on the help of the government because realistically, the government does not have the means to provide for everyone. And so, with that, new businesses emerged in which the social media platforms have become absolutely helpful.

3.    Having empathy for others

In the beginning, we may have not expected that the virus could reach pandemic status. But realizing just how so many people have died because of it, we start to acknowledge and be grateful for whatever little thing that we have. We see people on the news doing more than their share to help others. 

4.    Physical appearance is not as important

Some people are naturally vain. And probably, this is brought about their status in life or the kind of work that they do. But since many were allowed to work in the comforts of their own homes, dressing up just presentably became enough. Beautiful clothes were set aside because putting food on the table became the priority.

5.    Technology is great but it also has flaws

We have relied on technology for the past 20 years because we have seen how much it has made our lives easier. But you may have noticed how many students and people who started working at home struggle with their internet connection. 

Internet providers were not prepared for the huge subscription turnout. And more than just approving the applications, there is a need to add cell sites to improve the service. And with that, we have somehow gone back to how things were, like the need to use modules for the students so that they won’t be left behind. So, giving up entirely the use of pen and paper is not and should not be an option.

6.    The need to be always ready

The pandemic has taught us the value of money. To be always prepared in times of crisis. We wouldn’t want to be caught unprepared again because it is really difficult to raise a family with nothing in our pockets. We have realized the need to have a business or investment because it might just be the way to save us.

The pandemic has shown us the scary part of life, but it has also helped us realize so many things that we have overlooked in the past. What started as fear and anxiety at the start of the pandemic is the “new normal” that we have to embrace. 

The uncertainties we had for months has turned into something to work on so that we can overcome the anxieties brought about by the pandemic. In simplest terms, it is not how much we have to struggle, but how we can cope with all the uncertainties.


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