VIDEO | Razing of Mutual Mall underway in West Bend

December 18, 2020 – West Bend, WI – Demolition of the old Mutual Mall, 1043 S. Main Street, got underway Friday morning, December 18 in West Bend.

The building had previously been home to Larson Furniture Store and West Bend Mutual Insurance.

Photo courtesy Steve Kissinger

For many in West Bend the building is the former home of Larson Family Furniture.  An advertisement from a phone book cover reads, “Where Value is Measured by Quality at Modest Prices.”

The phone book cover from 1962 shows an address of 723 N. Main Street.  Jim Larson moved the business to S. Main by 1964.

Pathways Charter School

Neighbors remember a variety of businesses operating out of that location including home to West Bend Dance, home of the American Legion, Pathways Charter School, a video rental shop, karate studio and Nancy Evans Gore recalled teaching Pee Wee Arts and Crafts and a Storybook Adventure class in the basement of that building for 10 years!

Below is a final walk through of the interior of the old Mutual Mall which included a grand staircase and a hot tub and sauna in the lower level.

The building is being leveled to make way for a new Dairy Queen.

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