Nashville Eye-Witness Stunned to Talk to Anderson Cooper

Nashville explosion eye-witness Betsy Williams couldn’t believe she was speaking to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper on Chritsmas Day live on cable news, following the large-scale blast in her city’s downtown, which she saw first-hand.

In appearing to wrap up the interview, Cooper stated, “Betsy, I’m so glad you and your family got out and are doing okay, and I wish you the best.”

Williams then stated she was stunned by the event that had led to her speaking with the cable news anchor.

“Well, thank you. You know, and I have to say it’s really strange to go to bed on Christmas Eve and then, you know, get ready to go to bed on Christmas Day, and I have talked to Anderson Cooper,” Williams stated.

Cooper then responded humbly.

“Well, there’s a lot stranger things that have happened today than talking to me, but I understand the sentiment,” the CNN anchor stated.

“I mean, I lost my home. You know, I lost my business. All that kind of stuff, but hey. That’s happened to Nashville, and I want to give a real shoutout to the first responders,” Williams added.

Watch above, via CNN.

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