A new Brand in dentistry

Son of a longtime dentist, Dr. Stephen Brand is set to open new practice in Kingston with dad Charles

KINGSTON — Just one week away from opening its doors, Brand Dental isn’t just out to join the ranks of the best dental practices in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

They want to make a lasting impact on the profession.

“We want to take everyone’s traditional idea of a dental experience and completely uproot it,” said Dr. Stephen Brand, who comprises one half of the father-son dental duo that’s bringing this new practice to life.

Brand, a Forty Fort native and graduate of Wyoming Valley West High School, initially went to Rider University on a tennis scholarship after excelling as an athlete in high school.

But having grown up around his father Charles, who’s had his own practice in Shavertown for 35 years, the tennis star knew that he wanted to pursue the same path as his father.

“I hung around my dad’s office a lot growing up,” Brand said. “It was a great exposure to the profession, and ultimately I fell in love with the profession.”

After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree from King’s College, Brand went on to earn his doctor of dental medicine degree from Boston University’s Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine. He then served as chief resident at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston.

After wrapping up his residency, Brand and his fiance, Kylee Failor, decided to come back home and start a business with his father.

“My fiance and I both liked it down south, but we decided the responsible thing to do was come home,” Brand said. “It’s different up here … I definitely miss living by the beach.”

Back in the valley, father and son began working out a plan for Brand Dental, and one of the things that they made a key focus was the incorporation of cutting-edge technology into their practice.

“This area is definitely modernizing, but the dentistry field is lagging behind,” Brand said. “We want to treat patients with the best technology available.”

Brand said his practice will involve technological elements like 3-D printing into the practice, and that all the high-tech treatment will result in better results for the patient.

“In dentistry, there’s the component of human error with everything we do,” Brand said. “We work in millimeters … with our technology, we could take that error from millimeters down into microns.

“We could make treatment as accurate as possible, which is what our patients deserve.”

Brand Dental’s official opening is set for Jan. 4, the first Monday of the new year. That date has always been penciled in, according to Brand.

But, unsurprisingly, the coronavirus pandemic threw a wrench into a lot of the work that came in preparation for Brand Dental’s grand opening.

“Honestly, I could write a book on all the ways COVID-19 impacted us,” Brand said. “It was in just about every facet of our preparation.”

Brand explained that construction on Brand Dental’s new Market Street location, initially expected to be completed two months before opening, had just wrapped up last week.

“The materials were limited, and we could only have so many workers on-site at one time,” Brand said. “We were doing staff training while they were still putting the finishing touches on the place.”

Staff selection was also critical, due to the nature of the profession.

“Dentistry is one of the most dangerous jobs out there right now, in terms of COVID-19,” Brand said. “We’re working literally in people’s mouths, so hiring staff was a little tricky.”

Helping matters for Brand, in addition to partnering with his father, is the addition of Brand’s fiance to the team.

“It’s like the best support system,” Brand said of working so close with loved ones.

Amid the hurdles of the pandemic, Brand is excited to be so close to opening, and said and he’s already got some phone calls from interested potential patients.

“Our focus is patient experience, we want this to be a modern, pleasant experience for everyone,” Brand said.

“We want to change the dental game.”

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