Twin Peaks Restaurant Coming to Florence

A new Twin Peaks restaurant is coming to Florence.

The Dallas-based chain will locate at 6835 Houston Rd., previously home to Logan’s Roadhouse.

The space is currently being renovated and the franchise hopes to have that work finished by mid-March.

JEB Food Group owns the franchise rights in the region, and currently operates a location in West Chester, Oh.

“We opened our first store in West Chester, and we are planning to open our second store in Florence around March 15,”  said Ed Williams, managing partner for the organization. “Twin Peaks is an upscale sports bar restaurant that is known for our high quality, made-from-scratch food. We are also known for our signature 29-degree beer which is so cold it is usually served frozen on top. We are well known for carrying all sports on over 60 large screen TVs. We carry all the pay-per-view rights at no cover to our customers.”

JEB hopes to operate seven stores in the next five years, Williams said.

Twin Peaks is also known for its female serving staff, whose uniforms are typically mid-riff tops in red plaid with short khaki or denim shorts. The slogan for the chain is “Eats. Drinks. Scenic Views.”

The decor is similar to that of a wilderness lodge, with American, southwest and southern cuisines as well as alcohol. 

Founded in 2005  by Randy DeWitt and Scott Gordon, Twin Peaks was named after the TV show by the same name. DeWitt had helped Brinker International develop Rockfish Seafood, which also featured a mountain lodge decor and attractive waitresses. 

The chain acquired the site on Houston Road, and since the location was a restaurant already, the business only had to go through a minor site plan process at the Boone County Planning Commission to approve the material changes the applicant requested to meet their branding standards, both inside and outside the building.

They also managed to get all the necessary permits for building, electrical, and plumbing.

The new Twin Peaks building has 8,155 square feet, and there will be an increased patio space of 1,005 square feet which will be added as part of the project. Additional renovations will be added to the inside and outside of the building.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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