The Youngest IT Entrepreneur of India Likes Lakshay Jain Helping Nation Become the Next IT Hub of the World

India is changing with time, and our businesses are going online with that reach of small retailers to business tycoon is crossing new heights. Today when we see the list of top ten business tycoons, entrepreneurs worldwide, you will see five IT, Tech giants in the list. Last year, it wasn’t very pleasant for many business heads who were traditionally in the digital era and few who touch new heights. Yes, Elon musk to Amazon Jeff Bezos shows new hype in their field. India too is now producing such tech-heads, and out of that tech heads we came across one of the best and youngest Tech Entrepreneur of India who is buzzing with his firm Mevrex top IT company which provides bespoke Web/App and digital marketing to the small to big brands and also individuals who want to expand their reach worldwide.

Young IT Entrepreneur and youngest CEO of India Lakshay Jain sets an example to young ones and top heads who cannot find their way from the 2020 setback. This young Tech Entrepreneur is master in Web Developing App developments and Digital marketing and his popularity and works which he produced in recent time by using Social media platform (SMM), search engine optimization (SEO) shows that he is here to stay for a long time and create history by registering the name in the list of youngest Tech Entrepreneur of the world who runs top Digital marketing and Web/App development company under 20 in India and world.

2020 was not a pleasant year for new startups in India as Corona didn’t allow any firms to fly in 2020. Only one field which remains stable and shows growth was the IT field. Yes, Tech Entrepreneurs like Lakshay Jain hold the economy to some extent. With the enormous shift to online working, shopping, socializing, and more, we’ve seen some major forces for certain technologies, especially those that have realized this digital focus.

According to Lakshay Jain, we will see IT monitoring in specific fields, and with the introduction of 5G we will see India move even faster and better from 2021:

1. More and more technology entering our education and Online education will see a new position in India. We will see top Apps and websites helping teachers and students learn better and faster.

2. Internet at rocket speed yes with top companies showing keen interest in 5G we will see a rise in smart cities, Automation, Robotics in coming years in small to big towns of India.

3. Health care will change even more and use Apps, helping Doctors; patients monitor health and body balance. Health care India is heading towards virtuality in the next decade.

4. Remote working in IT companies and many other firms, which will reduce companies’ extra cost and see the same growth even employees working from their home.

5. India will surely be the next IT hub of the world as gen-next Tech Entrepreneurs like Lakshay Jain help the cause and make India a new leader in the next decade.

He can be reached through his official website –  or Instagram & Facebook

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