The SOUR; Facebook turned a hobby into a home business

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) – Facebook is a way to connect with family and friends, find out what’s happening in your community, or even buy and sell things.

A family posted their hobby on social media and turned it into a business almost overnight.

All it took was creating a Facebook page and some homemade bread to turn the Mitchell family kitchen into a bakery called The SOUR.

“The community has been amazing,” said Makenzie Mitchell, The SOUR’s social media guru. “We were kind of like ‘oh well we don’t even know. You have other places where you can buy bread, you can go to the grocery store or whatever’, but people have been really responsive to this handmade artisan bread that he’s been able to produce.”

Each loaf is made to order and comes straight from the Mitchell’s oven to your table and in the past three weeks, the Mitchell’s have had an overwhelming response from the social media community.

“It’s been hectic,” said Peter Mitchel, the baker behind The SOUR. “We just made a Facebook page and posted a couple places on different Facebook groups and it kind of took off quicker than I anticipated. I really just anticipated to make like four or five loaves a week and now I’m doing six to eight a day.”

The SOUR focuses on fresh, homemade loaves of bread.

“Normally, our general menu, we do an original sourdough and then a garlic parmesan and a jalapeno cheddar,” said Makenzie. “But both the garlic parmesan and the jalapeno cheddar are going to be limited time.”

For Valentine’s Day, the Mitchell’s did a Noir bread with chocolate and cherries.

They plan to add a few more specialty options in the future.

“We haven’t even been in existence long enough to start thinking of those kinds of things so, but we do plan to do different holidays,” said Makenzie. ”We definitely want to do a focaccia, what else, we have a ton of ideas that we’re, we plan to do a cinnamon raisin as well soon.”

Orders are currently made through Facebook or Instagram by searching @thesoursd or using this link,

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