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Brisbane, Australia, Feb. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Blockchain technology has revolutionized the financial payment system models. Payments may be transacted between peer-to-peer with security, and transparency over a public ledger without the need of an intermediary (e.g. bank). If the internet creates a blanket of connecting multiple protocols effortlessly between computers. Blockchains are the next step that offers the medium of transacting with confidence in a trustless environment through its network. Our blockchain is unique compared to others, not only in the technological aspects, but more importantly keeping the best interest of our supporters in mind.

As complex as blockchain is, we believe that focusing on the front-end, providing user-friendly products and feasible solutions to our supporters, will further embrace our project to mass adoption. In order to establish this valuable point, we structured our blockchain to be community-driven. Our blockchain runs a governance protocol which allows our community to connect with our blockchain raising proposals to vote that will bring about continuing updates to the project. What better way to engage with our supporters in real-time, always ensuring development as we push the boundaries of the crypto-space maintaining Metrix as a cutting-edge blockchain. Our entire community behind your brand will be a fantastic way to increase your business. Our community is extremely passionate about Metrix and will assist us to grow our brand as well as our partners’ brands.

Let’s start learning more about Metrix Coin (MRX)

A quick technical note about our cryptocurrency and blockchain. It is important to understand that the first blockchain, Bitcoin, code base has been used and modified to create a sea of many blockchain platforms. Our MRX is a proof-of-stake (PoS) cryptocurrency that is powered by Metrix blockchain. The Metrix code base has been adopted from Quantum, thus implementing Bitcoin’s Unspent-Transaction-Outputs (UTXO) that interfaces with Ethereum’s Account Base Model and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) under QTUM’s Account Abstract Layer while under a PoS consensus. The very nature of these protocols, respectively, is to validate transactions. EVM is the next step of thinking to incorporate automated processes within the blockchain via smart-contract applications. PoS is the algorithm that awards nodes a stake reward for validating transactions in the blockchain. We opted to use Quantum’s code base because it harnesses the Bitcoin’s traceability effect intertwined with Ethereum’s smart-contract technology achieving a ‘smart’ financial payment system model. Even though Quantum blockchain has the best of Bitcoin and Etherum, Metrix has plans of including further enhancements to the code base that make it flexible and applicable to multiple use-cases as we will further discuss. 

Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP) and Governor Nodes with Metrix Blockchain

A challenge that has been witnessed time-and-time again in the crypto-space is blockchain ecosystem disruption, or hard-forking and soft-forking to fix security issues, smart-contract issues, and outdated blockchain parameters (block gas limit, block size, gas schedule, etc). Hard-forking is when another blockchain is created from the existing chain, thus allowing two chains. Soft-forking is when only script lines are added to the code base, think of it as an update to the existing blockchain.

One of the fascinating aspects of Metrix Coin is its Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP) built on smart-contract technology. As the protocol implies, blockchain issues are addressed without the need for disrupting the network with forks by appointing Governor nodes, or Governors, to oversee blockchain changes via the DGP lens. If the existing chain needs an upgrade or an update, DGP and the governor node consensus will mandate to apply necessary changes to the betterment of the Metrix blockchain. Under the same governance protocol, governor nodes may vote on budget proposals allocating necessary funding to development. Metrix Coin’s governance protocol is a force of significant improvement that will push beyond the boundaries of its own development. Project development will never be hindered such that the power of the community will always ascertain its potential growth.

Metrix Coin’s DGP with our network of Governors provide the forward-moving initiative that addresses blockchain concerns (i.e.scalability and smart-contract) and avoids the traditional hard-forking or soft-forking to correct these issues. Our vision of a community-driven project aligns with our DGP development efforts to ensure our blockchain operability offers a reliable and secure system to our community.

Consumer Benefits with Metrix Coin

Metrix Coin has incorporated a deflationary model that will allow for the value of the coin to appreciate over time. Consumers that stake their Metrix Coins will receive an annualized percent yield (APY) in succession: 10% for 2 years, 5% for 4 years, 2% for 6 years and 1% until max supply is reached. People may hold their Metrix Coin using any of our user-friendly products made in-house: Altitude, a desktop wallet available in multiple operating systems (OS); MyStakingWallet, an online wallet staking 24/7 that is also available as a mobile app for either android or iPhone; or MyNodePool, a stake pool service. All of our products are linked to our blockchain explorer making transactions with Metrix available to review, thus providing transparency in a public ledger. 

Business Partner Benefits with Metrix Coin

Metrix’s versatile network encompasses lightning speed transactions, and cost-affordable network fees. Our chain is scalable enough to build and handle smart-contract applications. It offers a public ledger, giving transparency in a trustless environment, so that our partners have a peace of mind as they conduct business the smart way. We work on business-to-consumer (B2C) relationships to engage consumers and retain their interests with our partners. Metrix Coin, along with the inherent benefits and rewards, can be utilized as a form of payment and accepted by merchants around the globe for products or services. There are many reasons a merchant would see value in accepting MRX over fiat, and even as simple as the security of holding cash in a brick-and-mortar store over holding digital numbers on a blockchain. It is understandable why business owners will take part in these new ways to operate their business rather than the old pen and paper method. 

Covid-19 has played a large role in businesses looking for alternatives to handling cash and passing on a virus with devastating consequences. It is only a matter of time before, as a global society, cash will be 100% removed and we will only have access to digital money. Metrix Coin is at the cutting edge of this technology today!

Metrix aims to enhance business models customized to the needs of the business practice while also focusing on improving B2C relationships in the following manner:

  1. Consumer Retention and Loyalty Programs

As mentioned earlier, Metrix Coin’s deflationary model will be a contributing factor to Metrix Coin value appreciation over time. Consumers that hold Metrix Coin as an asset will gain in passive income through the stake rewards. In addition to the inherent value that the blockchain offers to consumers, partners that integrate a custom incentive business model will not only grow their client base, but also retain them.

  1. User-friendly Products

Metrix Coin products: Altitude desktop wallet, MyStakingWallet (MSW), and MyNodePool (MNP) are accessible, without the technical hassles, that facilitate consumers to use Metrix Coin as a means of payment. 

  1. Zero-cost Worldwide Level Marketing

Metrix Coin’s marketing model further propels business partners to reach a worldwide audience at zero cost. Metrix Coin Business Developers have fine-tuned this productive model underlining business growth with our partners.

  1. Blockchain Technical Support

Metrix Coin support team is available 24/7 to assist with any technical issues. We have created a resourceful support niche that includes: a website, with plenty of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) guides, step-by-step videos with Metrix academy, email support and chat services.

Partners that integrate Metrix blockchain technology may expect to grow their brands to a worldwide audience while participating in the Metrix ecosystem at zero costs.

Project Developments

Metrix Coin comes with its own ecosystem of a payment processing app, desktop wallet, an altcoin pool, and a gaming platform. The project also established a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) technical support guide website (, Metrix Academy, email ticket support system, and a support chat service to assist with our supporters’ technical needs.

Metrix Coin Wallet Solutions

Cryptocurrencies must have a well-designed wallet to hold assets. Metrix prides itself from its Altitude desktop wallet, MyNodePool (MNP), and MyStakingWallet (MSW) to hold MRX. Our Altitude desktop wallet is available on multiple operating systems (OS): Windows, OSX, and Linux. We make it accessible for many that are well-versed in their OS of choice to interact with our desktop wallet to hold our asset. MyNodePool is a free pool staking service which holds a large amount of MRX in a pool. The collective MRX in the pool receives stake rewards that are distributed evenly to all participants by their weight on the network. MNP is a secure online wallet solution that is currently partnered with 12 other projects, services 4,261 members with a total revenue of $250,000 USD. The crypto-community has witnessed many security breaches with other pool staking services. We have structured our MNP to be secure, allocating the assets under a private key and activating multi-factor authentication. Security breaches are out of the question with the MNP wallet solution. Our supporters may stake any available assets and maximize rewards for free with MNP.  Last and certainly not the least, MyStakingWallet is another online staking service for a monthly fee. It is a masternode turn-key solution removing the inconveniences of hardware setup, programming, and additional costs. MSW has many assets available from our coin partners. Holders may stake and run a masternode 24/7 to receive rewards. All wallets in MSW are protected with account username and password, private key, passphrase, and multifactorial authentication. Let me address some questions you may have about masternodes and stake nodes. 

What is a masternode, and how is it different from a stake node?  

In short, masternodes are governing hubs that maintain valid transactions within the blockchain network while holding the cryptocurrency at a fixed collateral. It keeps the integrity of the blockchain network intact and secure. In the recent past, setting up a masternode required hardware and knowledge in computer programs.

Just like masternodes, stake nodes that hold any amount of coin staking in the network also verify transactions maintaining the integrity of the blockchain. The more coin staking, the more chances of verifying a transaction, and thus higher the reward. In both instances, masternodes and stake nodes receive a reward as they participate in validating transactions in the blockchain. The only difference is that with masternodes a fixed collateral is needed to operate for a fixed reward. And stake nodes may have any amount of coins for a variable stake reward.

Why consider MSW? 

Masternodes require hardware and coding to set up. They and stake nodes must be active on the network, meaning the computer must be turned on and connected to the internet to participate in the blockchain validity mechanism. This accrues more energy costs annually just to operate. MSW is a suitable option, energy and cost-wise, to run a masternode and a stake node without breaking the bank. 

Integrating Customizable MyStakingWallet Features for Merchants

I would like to expand on tailoring a wallet to fit the needs of merchants that accept MRX and other cryptocurrencies as payment for goods and services. We understand how important it is for merchants to receive instant settlements and transparency to continue business uninterrupted when accepting digital currency as a method of payment. 

This feature to MSW for merchants is in its initial stages of development. However, I would like to share with you our envisioned end product. Our wallet solution will accept fiat from a bank or credit card, a feature called fiat on-ramp. MSW will continue to hold coins from other projects, but also stablecoins giving consumers and merchants more flexibility in holding other assets. As I have indicated, the wallet will be customizable in design to make it appealing, and unique for merchants and their clients. A more notable point about this wallet solution for merchants is its program for customer relationship management (CRM), and merchant management software. Both are equally important to understanding consumers interests and habits, and managing the business. CRMs potentiate merchants to analyze customer relationship strategies to assess what works in order to repeat – this is good for business. The merchant management software with MSW will keep track of merchant performance, finances, profits, percentage of holdings, information about product sales, frequency of sales, etc. 

MSW for merchants is an interactive, user-friendly, and cost-effective wallet solution that focuses on the merchants’ businesses and its clients for profitable outcomes.

GrudgeMatchGaming (GMG)

Esports is a vastly growing market with an industry net worth of over 1.1 B USD. Its audience has grown from 395M to 495M in the last 2 years. It is expected that Esports will encounter 646M viewers and enthusiasts by 2023. It is a lucrative business as top-ranking players may earn up to 6-7 million dollars if not more. It comes to no surprise that online betting platforms are ensuing to take a piece of the growing market. eSport betting is a sensation as it involves a challenge between 2 skilled players over a bet. Enthusiasts watching may also participate in side-betting where they bet on a skilled player. In short, it pays more to play and see more.

However, most of the players in these platforms pay more in registration fees and other hidden fees. Not to mention, these same players that earned the bet do not receive pay-outs until several days to even weeks. 

GMG is Metrix’s betting platform superseding others that gives more to the eSport player. The betting platform does not charge any registration fees, and there are no hidden costs. The only fee it charges is a small percentage of the bet, and that is to pay for the required gambling license. Players may challenge one another for a bet in MRX, and an instant pay-out is given once a player wins. The player may take advantage of holding MRX for stake rewards using our wallet solutions, and challenge other players. One important quality I would like to emphasize with GMG is that it acts as a hub connecting eSport sponsors, managers and players. For instance, a player will have analytical data points and ratios that value the player’s skill set over others. GMG ranks high and least valued players. Sponsors in search of talent may visit GMG to review these statistics and decide which player will be offered a contract. 

Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming and Gambling

We are currently in conversations with a Virtual Reality company and we’re extremely keen to look at VR solutions for the community to enjoy. These ideas consist of adding MRX as a payment system into their existing VR platforms along with a custom loyalty program that incentivizes the consumers. Similar to a casino model, a client can walk into a casino, buy MRX, receive additional plays, and work  his or her luck at any table or slot machine using their VR technology. This will be widely popular in these trying times with COVID pandemic. VR is an excellent untapped market that offers no restrictions as the clients can be as active as they like 24/7 while sitting at home or in their office in a virtual world.

This technology is not only for gambling, but can also widen to side-betting in esports using MRX as the payment system. Once this technology is deployed again will bring immeasurable VR enthusiasts.

Smart-Contracts and Decentralized Applications in the Metrix Blockchain

Smart-contracts within a blockchain may be thought of as a computer program that self-executes terms of an agreement between two parties. The very nature of the smart-contract depends on the coded parameters that carry ‘if-then’ principles of said agreements. Decentralized applications (dApps) are built on the blockchain in a decentral fashion dispersing ownership to the network as opposed to a central server. dApps interconnect the front-end (user interface) with the back-end (smart-contract) that will facilitate the automated process following the terms of the agreement. 

Smart-contracts and dApps are versatile with application uses extending to multiple industries. The benefit of any business to consider using smart-contracts and dApps is to automate processes that otherwise manual ones may lead to inefficient business practices, errors, and high costs. 

Our Metrix blockchain has the scalable environment to build smart-contracts and dApps. The possibilities are endless, and only limited to the creative imagination of those who want to build decentralized applications and smart-contracts. 

Potential Industries that may benefit greatly if they incorporate dApps and smart-contracts include: 

  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Computer
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Health care
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Music
  • News Media
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Telecommunication
  • Transport
  • World Wide web

Smart-Contract Application Use-Case with Shopping Centers 

It is a common global practice in these modern times to buy groceries at the grocery store for food, snacks, etc. Shopping centers are constantly evolving to meet shoppers’ demands and tailor a positive shopping experience. They have to ensure enough items are stocked on their shelves in a timely manner to avoid losing shoppers going to a competitor. Shopping centers are strategizing efficient ways that improve the shoppers experience and supply chain. I would like to discuss an excellent use-case for smart-contract applications with shopping centers. 

A smart-contract protocol between the wholesaler and the shopping center will update inventory, initiate a purchase order, and ship stock to the shopping center. Other integrative features in the smart-contract are instilling a threshold level, and tracking the item back to the manufacturer.  For instance, an automated process will be triggered for more products to be shipped to the shopping center when the stock item is below a threshold. This would be regulated by how much product is sold at the point-of-sale. The wholesaler would receive a request for more stock, along with other items that are below threshold from the shopping center, and ship the items. In the scenario that a food item causes an ailment (i.e. Mad Cow Disease) instead of initiating a large product recall between the manufacture, wholesaler and shopping center, a smart-contract that tracks specific products that led to the disease will instead be recalled. This solution is cost-effective and a quick response to identify the source of the problem.  Additional features like tracking expiration dates may also be useful with a smart-contract to cycle products out of the shelves at a discounted price from the shopping center, thus reducing money loss.

Metrix Coin as a Payment Option with Shopping Centers

Once at the point-of-sale, shopping centers can give shoppers a discounted offer on clearance items or receive an incentive in a loyalty program for using MRX as payment. Shoppers that participate in a loyalty program and are incentivized with MRX will benefit from the stake rewards, thus adding more MRX into their wallets. 

I would like to allude to how accepting MRX, or any other cryptocurrency, compared to a failed fiat currency brings incredible value to the holder (e.g. shopper and shopping center). It should come to no surprise that citizens in these failed states would utilize a higher valued cryptocurrency over an inflated fiat. Add the features of our PoS cryptocurrency and people will hold the asset for utility to gain more, and utilize it at the point-of-sale. 

Customer retention is preserved for shopping centers that accept MRX as a payment option.

Traditional Payment System Issues that Metrix Blockchain Addresses

Businesses today are mainly using either cash, card or wire transfer. This itself holds inherent risks to the business owner that they are otherwise unaware. Some of these risks involve cash handling, when not all employees can be monitored 100% of the time when consumers use cash for goods. Consumers may pay for goods using counterfeit currency. Consumers may dispute transactions to credit card companies, or banks, and receive a refund on the purchase amount back to the account. The entire banking system is a further risk to a business owner where a third party can freeze their funds while under any sort of dispute. Even worse, freezing business funds may not allow the owner to pay the bills with the bank causing all sorts of credit issues that will become major stumbling blocks in the future. Wire transfers come with its own constellation of mundane issues like inputting incorrect account information, processing errors from the clerks, money transfers may be rejected, or payments delayed. Some employees may make honest mistakes which result in a loss of revenue. Others may play the game by invoicing the company a higher dollar amount for the goods, and thus provide a pay-outs to their business contacts that assisted in the deal. All of these risks are damaging to any business, and restricts opportunities to grow a successful business.   

There are many more risks surrounding traditional payment models that can be solved quickly and easily with our cryptocurrency. The Metrix blockchain and its smart-contract environment will deem all types of transactions stored, and viewable, in the public ledger. No intermediary is required to give permission. No incorrect monies (e.g. counterfeit) can change hands, no revenue can be lost due to inefficient or mistaken employees (e.g. cash handling errors and invoice fraud), and no transaction disputes. In reality, no employee wages are required to facilitate the transaction, and no shop front is required. 

Businesses should handle their transactions intelligently and with elegance. Our Metrix smart-payment system solution fits the profile that addresses these risks.

Business Operations on the Metrix Blockchain

Daily business operations are becoming vastly different in the modern day, and blockchain opens a new world to the entrepreneur in many ways. Business owners are moving their operations to a blockchain for one reason, transparency. The technology allows them to operate in a trustless, paperless, and measurable way. Once a business is set up on the blockchain and uses smart-contracts, the business can operate autonomously, self-executing agreements, without the need of human intervention. This is ground breaking technology that is still in its infancy. 

Any entity can build its business operations on the Metrix blockchain at no cost. This gives the entity the ability to grow their business model in a safe environment globally. Once it has been established online, it is secure for the entity’s clients to interact with ease (e.g. buy, sell, book service calls, inquire etc).

Transportation with Metrix Blockchain

Transportation has changed in a massive way over the past 10 years. The old days consisted of using a home, business or public telephone to dial a taxi. These days, you can use a smartphone application to order an Uber, Grab, Taxi etc, and track their real time location both prior to arrival and to your destination. For safety purposes, these GPS settings can also be sent to friends, and or family. 

Today through the use of smart-contracts, these services can also be used in a more efficient manner. A client may secure a booking with their BTC or MRX using a decentralized application linked to the main transport hub. The payment may be made automatically to the driver upon arrival to the client’s destination, based on GPS location. If the driver fails to meet the obligations of the smart-contract, the payment is cancelled. If the client was not available within a 5-minute window once the driver arrived at the pickup location, the driver would automatically be paid an upfront cancellation fee. 

This ultramodern technology will replace the old cash or card payment systems. It is much safer for drivers not to handle cash, or run the risks of using credit cards as we have already alerted to above. Metrix blockchain removes these risks and frees up the driver and passenger to simply enjoy the ride.

Metrix Blockchain is DeFi Ready

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has reshaped how we visualize the financial and banking system. DeFi is a permission-less financial service ecosystem that does not need banking support. DeFi protocols, which are built on smart-contracts, have gained much popularity by giving the liquidity provider (LP) financial gains. How it works is the LP deposits a stablecoin, which is pegged against ETH, and another cryptocurrency or fiat currency into a liquidity pool. In liquidity pools, traders may swap assets for others instantaneously and for a small fee comparable to centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. The volume of transactions within the liquidity pool may affect the price of the assets. The value of an asset increases as more purchases for it are made. The fee taken from each transaction is given back to the LP. It is no wonder how LPs may expect to earn a high percentage APY in return if it is done right.  Banks may give savings accounts at most 0.05% capped at 100,000 USD. LPs that add liquidity to the pool may expect up to 100% in return or even more depending on the DeFi protocol. These assets may be traded in available decentralized markets or deposited into other liquidity pools offering the best yield in return, a concept known as yield farming. As the name mentions, it is much like crop rotation for a better harvest but in this case it would be gained in crypto assets. There are multiple DeFi protocols that are tailored to serve other financial services (lending and borrowing, derivatives, margin trading, etc). DeFi protocols are multifaceted to be stacked together, this is referred to as money legos. Money legos allows for these decentralized applications to interface with one another under the same blockchain. 

Metrix blockchain is DeFi Ready, meaning that it is scalable to handle the demands of DeFi protocols without congesting the network and raising the cost of transaction fees. DeFi protocols on Ethereum have caused gas prices to be expensive to submit transactions across the platform affecting the viability of other token projects. And as mentioned previously, Metrix Coin’s DGP provides the network oversight to address any smart-contract issues or blockchain problems. Developers may have serenity to build their DeFi protocols on the Metrix blockchain without the burden of network congestion and lack of network security.

Metrix Coin. For Everyone. For Everything.

There are very few Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrencies that are fast, scalable, and affordable at the same time and offer consumer and business solutions. Metrix Coin is a proven blockchain that offers more to e-commerce transactions and smart-contract developments. With its superfast transaction speed, deflationary staking model, quick block times, decentralized governance, scalability and DeFi capabilities, it is one of the few PoS cryptocurrencies that can become mainstream.

And now it has become even more important because it is listed on the WhiteBIT exchange. This is its 4th major exchange listing after BarterTrade, DigiFinex, and P2PB2B. We have secured a market pair between EURO/MRX suitable for applications in Italy. With a fast-growing and loyal community, robust features, and solid team, Metrix Coin has the potential to outperform many other PoS cryptocurrencies in the game of mainstream adoption.

Metrix Alliance with Like-Minded Businesses

Most cryptocurrencies have concentrated their efforts with large marketing operations, but 99% of the time have no real use-case and lack of real substance behind them. At Metrix, we wanted to focus on building a solid ecosystem that extends our user-friendly products, lays the foundational framework to build-on successful applications while engraving our blockchain technology. Coins that have a high market capital understand the key of building a solid ecosystem. We firmly believe that the price is reflective of a strong and far-sighted construction that gives concrete results in the middle and long-term. Our partners have the advantage and guarantee of having a technological partner, such as ourselves, to service excellence and enormous opportunities for economic profit. These modern times are ripe for Metrix to grow organically, foundation-wise and financially. 

Metrix is looking to partner with like-minded businesses that believe that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have earnt the right to be part of daily business. Metrix has built a platform for partners to leverage off being a cutting edge blockchain that allows smart-contacts to be developed along with super-fast transaction speeds, and a trustless code base allowing businesses to do what they do best – Business. Our blockchain will look after your transactions and provide to you for life, the undisputed transaction records on a public ledger. This will ensure transparency in the way transactions undergo permitting our partners a peace of mind as they conduct business with others. We offer this to our partners absolutely free of charge. However, this is only one way to benefit from the Metrix ecosystem.

Metrix Coin (MRX) is a brilliant alternative to spending fiat currency. There are many advantages to spending and holding MRX over Euro’s or Dollars. At the time of writing, MRX is worth less than 0.001 Euro. Our committed team has worked diligently with the persistent willpower to succeed carrying out our vision. Since the bull run of 2017, MRX reached an all-time-high (ATH) value of $0.011 Euro per coin, but what ensued after in waves was the cryptocurrency winter. We continued our efforts to build a strong dedicated community and push forward intriguing developments even in the midst of market challenges. We have come a long way since, and strive to continue with our new partnerships, and new blockchain as we work synergistically together for a better enterprise. Our endeavours will mark MRX price appreciation that will surpass the previous ATH. 

Metrix rewards its coin holders by paying staking rewards. You could buy 1000 Euro worth of MRX today for 0.0002 and in 12 months, assuming the bull run which has already commenced, increases the value of MRX back to where it was at its ATH. You would have significantly improved your net wealth in Euros at the time of sale. This coupled with an staking rewards would give you an additional percentage of coins for free with a substantial return. Now let us look at an application where you could benefit using MRX coins. 

For example, a customer downloads a staking wallet and buys 1000 Euro worth of MRX coins. They play at a casino that has integrated the MRX/Euro option and receive bonus games for using MRX over Euro. After the gambling has finished, the balance of MRX remaining in the clients’ wallet will now stake at a rate of 10% per annum until they are used again on another day at the casino or somewhere else of their choice. The same could be said for a shopping center that accepts MRX as a form of payment over fiat. Shoppers would download a MRX wallet and the payment would be made directly to the merchant in MRX (or possibly a combination of MRX and Euro). This then allows the merchant to also stake the MRX coins at a 10% per annum return or cash them out back to Euro. 

Metrix Coin has an inherent value that is bestowed to consumers and merchants alike. Consumers benefit from stake rewards and offers. Merchants that give discounted or bonus offers at the point-of-purchase combined with our stake rewards model promote consumer retention allowing for them to return.

Digitize Money to MRX

Consumers seek new and improved digital payment options that are simple. Businesses that adopt seamless digital payment options are rid of inefficient manual processes and costs. It addresses errors that revolve creating and sending physical checks, invoices, and payment reconciliation. It also discourages criminals to exploit vulnerabilities leading to fraudulent payments.   

We make it a priority for consumers and merchants to send and receive payments in a robust and transparent peer-to-peer financial system model hassle-free. Consumers and merchants that use and accept MRX benefit. Digitizing money with Metrix is both a rewarding and cost-efficient solution that will further enhance consumers’ and merchants’ experience of using our partners products more readily compared to its competitors. Cryptocurrency and blockchain will continue to rise to new heights in mass adoption. Allow us this opportunity to go down this journey together and bring our partners business to an ever-growing market.

Marketing Plan

Metrix has a strong marketing team with community members formerly employed at the world’s largest tech companies. Through our own social media which is currently growing at over 15% per month coupled with a strong community, Metrix can push out messages to our loyal community to become a part of the Metrix’s future development, and that of its partners. Our exciting solutions to our partners, and this marketing activity combined with our partners’ client bases will gain positive traction in an already interesting market.

Metrix is using the leading social media platforms to spread our message on a daily basis. We run many competitions, Ask-Me-Anything events (AMA) across diversified communities, bounty programs and industry influencers to spread our marketing messages to further engage our community. We are continuously expanding our reach growing our support in numbers.

Our commitment to our partners is to share the power of our community pushing their brands around the world. We would build a direct response marketing campaign for our partners, clients and our community using all of our resources to catapult the correct amount of traction.

What can we do together, and how do we profit?

In any business, it is critical to define, but not restrict the areas of current and new business opportunities. As you may appreciate, a partnership with Metrix Coin will not limit your global expansion in any way, but rather our partners will be able to grow alongside its partner, Metrix Coin, in multiple ways simultaneously. Through the vast technical advances already completed by Metrix Coin developers of our own products, and through new advancements into specialized areas including but not limited to the gaming and gambling industries, B2B and B2C through smart-contract developments on the Metrix blockchain, digitizing fiat to MRX opportunities through point-of-sale merchants globally, liquidity pools with math-coded API’s, and the list goes on.

Building Together with our Partners

Metrix has a committed team from around the world, a community force, the blockchain technology and accessible products. Metrix together with our partners may lay down a foundational framework using our community-driven project to continue product developments (e.g. customized wallet, decentralized applications and smart-contracts) tailored to our partners clients. Our journey will empower our partners, clients, reshape industries and establish our partners in this new world.

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