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In the real estate industry, there are always more topics to discuss and problems to solve. Originally, we were planning on dedicating our column this month to the discussion and understanding of housing affordability, but we have put that on the sideline after learning about the retirement of one of Santa Fe’s most respected architectural and housing writers, our editor Paul Weideman. For us, we want to take this time to appreciate someone who brought intelligence, respect, and a scholarly insight to the subject of Santa Fe’s unique architectural landscape through his work as editor and writer for the HOME/Santa Fe Real Estate Guide magazine.

Being a magazine editor is not easy unless you like overwhelming stress, overflowing inboxes, procrastinating writers, and pressing deadlines. You must be objective and supportive as well as an effective communicator and a critical thinker. For many, journalism sounds exciting but in practice the constant pressure and anxiety attacks cause a lot of people to get out of the business. It sounds a lot like being a real estate broker and maybe that’s why Paul has always afforded so much respect for Realtors.

The award-winning HOME magazine is the success it is because Paul has been able to smooth over all the demanding challenges with cheerful encouragement and an eye for excellence. Month after month, the magazine brings forth a colorful marketplace of homes for sale, meaningful articles, and beautiful photography that define the very essence of Santa Fe style. Not easy to do when you are approaching press time and you are still waiting on material from advertisers and articles from writers that you are not entirely sure will deliver. And if they do, it is anyone’s guess if those articles are going to be 350 or 3,500 words.

In addition to his role as editor, Paul has been a prolific writer about Santa Fe’s architecture, and he has been a staunch advocate for the preservation of our unique history. He understands that preserving a community’s culture begins with preserving the very homes and buildings that its residents shelter within. His articles have won him such awards as the Heritage Preservation Award in 2011, a Cultural Preservation Award in 2015, and a Service Award in 2017 presented by the Santa Fe chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Paul has also published one of the most comprehensive books on the subject, Architecture Santa Fe: A Guidebook, which is full of historical insights into the fascinating buildings that surround us. This is a must for every coffee table in Santa Fe.

For more than a decade, Paul has received our articles, many right at the deadline, and corrected our split infinitives and our verb-subject disagreements. He has always done so with the grace and patience of a benevolent schoolmaster and made us better at our craft in the process. We never imagined that when we sent him our first article under the pen name of “Pips Tips” that we would end up writing hundreds of articles covering all the pressing topics of our industry. Paul recognized that even though we are Realtors, we could also be writers to share our knowledge and experience with his readers which over time have become our readers.

Retirement for Paul will hopefully mean writing more books, enjoying more sunsets, hiking new trails, and spending more time with his loved ones. It has been a blessing to work together and to have had Paul in our lives as our editor and a colleague to share the stories of our career with. From the bottom of our hearts, Paul, we are tremendously thankful and wish you the best of times to come.

Roger and Melissa have a combined 37 years selling real estate in Santa Fe. Melissa was president of the Santa Fe Association of Realtors in 2017 and Roger is the current SFAR president. They are happy to help with all your real estate needs and can be reached at 505-699-3112 or [email protected], or visit them online at santaferealestateconsultant.com.

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