Meet the Kendal mum who teamed up with her daughter for their lockdown home business

A devoted mother has been nominated by her daughter who she has joined in her home business during the lockdown.

Helen Townson, 46, from Kendal has been thanked by her daughter Elisha-Jade Selby, 26 after she helped her run her online chocolate selling business called ‘Elisha Sweet Treats’.

Elisha, who runs an online catering equipment supply service, has been assisted by her mum with home sweets business where they turn chocolates and sweets into bouquet boxes.

She reflected on her mum’s help stating ‘I would be lost without her’.

FAMILY: Helen, pictured with Gary, and daughters Maddie, Elisha, and Brooke (at the back)

Elisha said: “I really think she deserves the recognition for all she does. She is the most kind and caring person you could ever meet. I really think she deserves it.

“We argue all the time but that’s because we are so similar. She is so kind and will do anything for anyone.

“She spends so much time going out of her own way for other people.

“My mum is a make up artist and has been working as beauty therapist for well over ten years now.

“But since she’s not be able to work at the moment, that’s great for me because she’s now my employee.

NOMINATED: Helen Townson was nominated by daughter Elisha

NOMINATED: Helen Townson was nominated by daughter Elisha

“I’m paying her in sweets.

“She’s a very family orientated person who spends a lot of time with them.

“Outside of work and family, we both do a lot of things with the Burneside amateur dramatics society. We do mostly pantomime with them and my mum is heavily involved in the make up side when she’s not acting.

“I joined with them about 16 years ago, and my mum started a few years after me. She quickly got the knack for it soon after joining.

DEVOTED: Helen is described as a devoted mum to her family

DEVOTED: Helen is described as a devoted mum to her family

“We are ready and waiting for the green light letting us put shows on again. We can’t wait to get back to the stage.

“It should be Cinderella this year hopefully.”

Helen has three daughters, Elisha, Brooke and Maddie, and is expected to marry her long term partner Gary in May next year.

They were scheduled to get married in May 2020 before it was halted by the lockdown. They have been together over ten years and look forward to tying the knot when lockdown is over.

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