Seattle biotech startup Split Biosciences raises $7M, changes name to Parse Biosciences

Parse Biosciences employees working at the company’s lab. (Parse Biosciences Photo)

Parse Biosciences today announced a $7 million investment round to support growth of its single cell sequencing technology.

The biotech startup sells a “Whole Transcriptome Kit” that can profile up to 100,000 cells in parallel across up to 48 samples. Parse describes the kit as the “most scalable single cell RNA-seq solution on the market.” There are more than 40 labs using the kit as part of their research workflow.

The 16-person company, previously known as Split Biosciences, spun out of the University of Washington in 2018. The tech was developed in the lab of synthetic biology professor Georg Seelig by Charlie Roco and Alex Rosenberg, two researchers at the lab. All three are co-founders of Parse.

Bioeconomy Capital led the round, which included participation from new and existing angel investors. Total funding is $9 million to date, including equity investments and grants.

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