Home-based businesses: an important next step for Florida entrepreneurship | Opinion – South Florida Sun Sentinel

Some critics argue that home-based businesses get too large, but research indicates that home-based businesses that grow will then relocate to larger premises. There is a natural not-in-my-backyard thinking that leads critics to suggest that this bill would lead to home-based businesses such as auto repair or a funeral home; however, there is little to no data to support this contention. Such businesses are a microscopically small percentage of new ventures, and would be logistically almost impossible to successfully run from a home. Rather, U.S. Census data indicates the fastest growing home-based ventures, including during this pandemic, are online consulting and teaching, digital marketing, cybersecurity, graphic design and e-commerce ventures. Moreover, home-based entrepreneurs spend more time in their homes, and are therefore more likely to invest in home improvements, raising the value of their homes and their neighborhoods.

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