GeekWire Podcast: Amazon, Andy Jassy and the cloud, with Corey Quinn of The Duckbill Group

Andy Jassy, the longtime leader of Amazon Web Services, was named the next CEO of Amazon this week. (Amazon Photo)

What does Andy Jassy’s track record at Amazon Web Services say about how he’ll lead Amazon as the company’s next CEO? What will be Jeff Bezos’ ongoing influence as the company’s executive chairman? Who will succeed Jassy as the head of AWS? And what should be the tech giant’s 15th leadership principle?

Those are a few of the questions we ask — and in some cases even answer! — on this episode of the GeekWire Podcast with guest commentator Corey Quinn, the chief cloud economist at The Duckbill Group, the host of the AWS Morning Brief and Screaming in the Cloud podcasts, and the curator of Last Week in AWS, a weekly newsletter.  

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Edited by Curt Milton; Theme Music by Daniel L.K. Caldwell.

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