Led by co-creator of Nintendo’s Power Glove, this startup raised $2M for its restaurant tech

New funding: Vancouver, Wash.-based startup Perfect Company just reeled in $2 million of a larger round to help grow its software and hardware products used by restaurants for kitchen prep, food pickup, and more. Oxbridge Capital Partners invested in the company.

Perfect Company CEO and co-founder Mike Wallace. (Perfect Company Photos)

Perfect’s products: The 6-year-old startup is targeting commercial customers with Perfect Kitchen, a back-of-house software platform that helps employees prepare and make food, and Perfect Pickup, a hardware-software solution that helps restaurants manage to-go orders. Perfect Company has large chain customers and also partners with restaurant equipment manufacturers.

Pandemic impact: Companies that sell technology to restaurants are seeing big tailwinds from the pandemic and increase in digital orders, as Axios reported last week. “Restaurant chains in general are much more open to technology solutions than they were before,” said Mike Wallace, CEO and co-founder of Perfect Company. “They found a new model for operating that’s smaller and a bit more profitable.”

Founder’s journey: Wallace began his career as an early employee at Electronic Arts back in the mid-1980s. Just after that, he helped invent the Power Glove, a futuristic gesture-based controller for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Wallace is featured in a documentary called The Power of Glove. In 2015, he teamed up with former IBM manager Miriam Kim to launch Perfect Company. The founders previously worked together on consumer-focused smart scale tech used in products such as NutriBullet and Vitamix blenders. The scales are still sold online, but Perfect Company is mainly focused on the commercial business.

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