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FREMONT — The Fremont Plan Commission offered guidance Tuesday to property owner Kimberly Rumsey, 1751 W. Toledo St., for her plan to operate a firearms store out of her garage, basically that she needed either proper zoning or a special exception to do so.

Rumsey said she plans to start and run a firearms store, largely by appointment only, out of her garage with minimal traffic.

“Our federal firearms license will be for manufacturing activity, none will take place,” Rumsey said. “It’ll just be putting parts together.”

She also said the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms would contact the town about her.

Rumsey said she didn’t believe she would need a zoning change or special exception, but Commission Member Steve Brown said he didn’t believe she was correct. Brown said since her business doesn’t fall under the category of a home business, she would need the zoning change or special exception to be zoned business B1.

“If you’re going to sell guns and have a store, it better be zoned correctly,” Brown said.

Commission President Jonathon Brown said he thinks having a special exception for the property is the proper way to go.

“We can’t address the security and such without it,” he said.

A special exception will require a public hearing at a future commission meeting. Typically, the commission meets once every quarter, but Clerk-Treasurer Kathy Parsons said a special meeting to hold the hearing can be called sooner if Rumsey has all of her requirements in order.

Those requirements include a petition signed by all the adjoining landowners, a survey of the property and figuring out where exactly in her garage everything will be located.

“We want you to have all of your plans in order first,” said Parsons.

Rumsey is still in the earlier planning stages of the business and said she hasn’t yet done much research into what security measures will be required. She is tentatively thinking that the business will at first facilitate transfer sales.

Parsons said she can help Rumsey with the petition and getting requirements satisfied to have the public hearing before the commission meets again in July.

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