Liteboxer At-Home Virtual Boxing System Created By Charlestown Startup

WBZ-TV’s Liam Martin reports.

Video Transcript

Home workout spaces have been all the rage during the pandemic, and a startup in Charlestown is out with a new unique workout machine.

So we sent Liam Martin to check it out.

1, 2, so these are your jabs and crosses to the head.

LIAM MARTIN: This could be the next workout phenomenon, an at-home boxing system.

What’s up, fighters? My name’s Eliza, and welcome to your 10-minute workout.

LIAM MARTIN: Eliza, one of the trainers for the Liteboxer system, records her routines for you at home from this studio in Charlestown.

How did you get into this?

I love boxing. I love movement, and, when I came across Liteboxer, it was two of my favorite things that I already do.

ANTHONY CROUCHELLI: This is not your average heavy bag. This is heavy bag 10.0.

LIAM MARTIN: Anthony Crouchelli is one of the other trainers and Liteboxer’s Director of Talent.

So these are the gloves?

ANTHONY CROUCHELLI: These are the gloves, so I’ll help you put these on.

LIAM MARTIN: And he set out to find out if I have any with a lesson.

Do I need to check my health insurance policy, or am I going to be OK?

ANTHONY CROUCHELLI: [LAUGHS] I promise you, I got you.

LIAM MARTIN: Here’s how it works. You set your skill level, pick a song or follow along with a trainer like Eliza.

Liam, you’re going to get these punches.

LIAM MARTIN: And then try to keep pace.


LIAM MARTIN: You hit the pad that lights up in rhythm with the music.



There you go. Look at that. He’s already looking like a pro.

LIAM MARTIN: And even just five minutes of that can be exhausting.


ANTHONY CROUCHELLI: Good job, man! Well done!

Whew, whew!

ANTHONY CROUCHELLI: What we do is we synchronize our lights to the rhythm-based punches, so every single time you’re punching, it has a performance background behind it, whether it’s power or it’s output or it’s speed or accuracy.

LIAM MARTIN: And perhaps the most fun part, you can compete against other users on each of those measures. Though I might already have you beat.

Now can we have you do it, and then your stats go in, and we pretend those are my stats?

ANTHONY CROUCHELLI: Of course. That’s why we’re friends. That’s how our friendship starts.

[? That ?] Liteboxer goes from about $1,500 plus a monthly subscription of $29, similar to the Peloton situation. But Liam complained about how sore he was for a long time after this, so I think it works.

This is a workout tool. It’s anger management. It’s a lot of things rolled into one.

I’m going to get one for the studio, and we’re going to use it at commercial breaks, [? Briana. ?]


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