Need to remove Windows 10 Home login name Windows version 20H2

Hi, please hold off on following the advice from ET’s link, not his fault, this procedure can only be done one way or it will end in tears, fist we need to see your user account details, go to search and type:- cmd, right click on the returned cmd.exe and select “run as administrator” at the prompt please copy paste the below cmd:-


wmic useraccount list full /format:List > 0 & notepad 0


Please copy paste the notepad output here, could you also indicate what the present account name is and what the new account will be.


​You see within the registry there are SID’s these distinguish between user accounts and the log in account has a profile image this must be changed for you to be able to access the desktop, changed from the old to the new, also if the account you now have is the original log in account installed at first install then the registered owner in the registry will still be this account means it continues to pop up all over the place, registered organization may also need to be changed, these mod’s are critical to changing a user name, pity, journalists write most of these web pages they know little about what they are doing.


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