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By Mike Rhodes, Editor-in-Chief—

Muncie IN—Earning the respect and trust of their customers has been a priority for Sidney Electric since their inception in 1953. By performing accurate, on-time work with the care and concern you’d receive from a friend, they have built their business on a solid foundation of relationships that continue to stand the test of time. And since they can boast nearly 70 years of knowledge in their field, they can also promise customers a degree and diversity of experience that is simply unmatched.

One of the services Sidney Electric offers residential and commercial customers is the sale and installation of Kohler standby generators.

You know what those are: those electrical units you really wish you had every time you lose power to your home. Remember the polar vortex of 2019? You wished you had a generator when that happened. The ice storm of 2005? You REALLY wished you had a backup generator then, when power was off for over a week.

You just never know when another natural disaster, severe storm, or utility failure will rob your home of electricity. It’s no fun stumbling around in the dark, losing your Wi-Fi, and getting stuck inside your home since your garage door opener no longer works.  So, until April 26, 2021, Sidney Electric is offering $250 off any standby  generator.

At Sidney Electric, all Kohler standby generators are $250 off until April 26, 2021.

A Kohler standby generator is installed outside of your home or business like an air-conditioning unit. It is wired into the electrical panel, so it comes on automatically during a power outage.

The Ice Storm of 2005. Electrical workers from across the country at their command post in a BMH parking lot. Power was down in the area for a week or more. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

Interruptions in electricity service vary by frequency and duration across the many electric distribution systems that serve about 145 million customers in the United States. Outage frequency and duration values are reported to the U.S. Energy Information Administration for any interruption lasting longer than five minutes. Utilities may designate if outages occurred during major weather events, which could include snowstorms, ice storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, or heatwaves.

As an owner of a Sidney Electric/Kohler generator, you’ll never have to worry about becoming a U.S. Energy Information Administration statistic.

All standby generators come with a 5-year limited warranty. For more information on generators, call Sidney Electric at 765-284-1594.


Sydney Electric is a distributor of a wide variety of Kohler standby generators.

Sidney Electric is a distributor of a wide variety of Kohler standby or portable  generators. Photo courtesy of Kohler.






Sidney Electric, Muncie Office, “We Bring Electricity to Life.”
3100 E. County Road 350 N.
Muncie, Indiana 47303
Phone 765-284-1594
Web: http://www.sidneyelectric.com



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