Sheer exhaustion inspires dream business for single mum

A single mother of three teens has turned her exhaustion into inspiration setting up a home business to help other mums relax and reset.

Sophie Coles said she collapsed in a heap after 19 years of focusing on her children.

She said the effects of not having a proper break or any time to herself hit home.

It was then the 50-year-old decided to turn her hinterland Airbnb into something more meaningful, starting up The Mum Sanctuary.

The apartment offers a quiet space for mums to relax.

Sophie Cole has started up The Mum Sanctuary at Kureelpa to give mums a much-needed place to have a break. Picture: Patrick Woods.

Ms Cole said it’s also a place for women to take some real time out.

“I figured there’s a lot of other mums out there like me that are always exhausted,” she said.

“I’ve never had time anywhere away from my kids and part of that was because it was so expensive or difficult.

“So I decided to fill that gap and create a place where mums could just come for even just one night, everything is provided and they can just come and remember who they are.”

The retreat is on the same property as her Kureelpa home

“That’s where the idea came from because whenever anything got too much in life I’d go down there and find my peace,” she said.

“And I thought I should really share this.

“It’s a kid free zone, it’s not for the fancy it’s just really quiet and comfy.”

Sophie Cole inside The Mum Sanctuary at Kureelpa. Picture: Patrick Woods.

Sophie Cole inside The Mum Sanctuary at Kureelpa. Picture: Patrick Woods.

Ms Cole says she had been overwhelmed with support from the community after launching her business.

“I’m so excited, I’m absolutely beside myself,” she said.

“I just know how important it is for mums, it’s something I’m really passionate about.

More information on The Mum Sanctuary can be found here.

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