Napa County judge keeps bail at $1.5 million in bombs/illegal firearms case | Crime and Courts

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“The real danger and concern is quite frankly what’s in his brain,” McLeod said of Rogers. “His hatred for some members in our society based on their political beliefs, and the readily available things he could get to create new pipe bombs … all it would take is a couple of minutes at any hardware store to buy piping, caps, fuses, and gun power. As he told friends, it took him five minutes to create those (five) pipe bombs.”

The only purpose of the bombs like the kind that Rogers constructed is “to injure and kill,” McLeod said, noting they had been designed to explode quickly and destructively.

A recent state supreme court ruling determined that “pre-trial detention should be reserved for those who otherwise cannot be relied upon to make court appearances or who pose a risk to public or victim safety,” Napa County Superior Court Judge Cynthia P. Smith read aloud before announcing her decision to deny the reduction request.

“Liberty is the norm, and detention prior to trial or without trial is the carefully remitted exception,” Smith continued. “Any condition of restraint (of a defendant) should be the least amount necessary to secure state interest or protect public safety.”

Smith also read aloud messages sent by Rogers to his ex-wife and others, expressing his desire to “go to war” with Democrats and with posts on Twitter, voicing his hopes that “45 goes to war” – referring to then-President Donald Trump, the 45th president – and asserting that Governor Gavin Newsom “needs to get killed.”

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