Carli Communications extends services to St Lucia

May is celebrated globally as Female Founders Month and it is fitting that we shed some light on an extraordinary female entrepreneur who has been making waves not only in the Caribbean but on an international scale.

Carla Williams Johnson, founder of Carli Communications is a Trinidadian Media Marketing Specialist whose aim is to help entrepreneurs and business owners increase their visibility through the creative and strategic uses of media. She has shared her knowledge with numerous publications including Home Business Magazine, Forbes, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and Thrive Global.

“I started Carli Communications because I found that a lot of sales reps, coaches, consultants used people’s lack of knowledge against them to sell goods and services that were not giving them any return on investment. I know everyone has to make money but it didn’t feel right watching them tell people to put their ads in a place that is not going to do anything for them but pile your pockets. I found that there needed to be an advocate for small businesses. I felt like I needed to help people save their money and invest in things that were going to give them what they seek which is the ease of investment and returns. ”

Carli Communications offers profound, impartial advice to entrepreneurs to assist them in developing business strategies that are unique to them which include social media, PR and publicity, digital marketing, content strategy, lead management, and much more.

The marketing specialist is looking to extend her services to St Lucia to assist entrepreneurs in formulating methods to identify ideal clients, online and offline approaches to boosting visibility, and to create practical marketing campaigns designed to increase revenue.

“I understand what’s going on in the world right now and I understand what’s going on with Caribbean people, St. Lucia included and I understand that there are a lot of ways to promote yourself, there are a lot of things that could possibly work for you. My job is to tell you exactly what it is you need to do so you’re no longer confused or stressed out. I know money is a little bit tight and you are watching your investments. My job is to show you where to invest money even now during this pandemic to ensure that you get the returns on investment.”

Regardless of the current pandemic, Carla advises business owners not to be deterred by negative thoughts, but view everything as an opportunity to grow, refocus and create new ideas, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

To commemorate the birthday of founder Carla Williams Johnson, Carli Communications is giving St Lucians a special birthday treat of a Carli Collection Entrepreneurial Kit for only US$97 for the entire month of May.

You can reach out to them via Facebook and Instagram @carlicommunications, Youtube – Carli TV or check out their website 


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