North Texas Mom Starts Home Business Amid Pandemic, Health Trials – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

The pandemic has made it a tough year for a lot of people, but a Dallas mother said in the midst of struggle she found hope and a new business.

“I have to be strong,” Guadalupe Gonzalez said. “My kids need me.”

The single mother of three was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor two years ago. While she was getting radiation treatment, she learned she had blood clots in her leg.

“They told me they had to amputate, amputate right away,” Gonzalez said. “At that moment I knew my life was going to change completely.”

She had to learn old tasks in new ways using either a wheelchair or a prosthetic on her left leg.

With so much happening, it was a little thing that helped Gonzalez turn a corner.

“I started doing my makeup,” Gonzalez said. “I loved that it made me feel beautiful again, like, I want to do that.”

So Gonzalez started a home-based business during the pandemic selling false eyelashes through her Instagram page.

“It’s like saying a bada**, a strong woman,” Gonzalez said, explaining the name of her business Chin****. “I don’t know if I can say that.”

Gonzalez had to live her motto when she was diagnosed with COVID-19 four months ago.

“There were times when I said ‘I give up,'” Gonzalez said. “But then I pushed forward. I said ‘no’, I was given another chance.”

She wanted her kids — and anyone who hears her story — to know there is always hope, and to have faith there is light even in dark times.

“We all go through a lot, but we gotta be positive and move forward,” Gonzalez said. “Value life. It means so much.”

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