Local Home Brand Decor 2 Adore Joins Yoorekka’s Online Selling Suite

(The Magazine Plus Editorial):- Metropolitan Manila Area, Philippines May 22, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Interior decorations play an important role in setting the mood of the home. It has become much more essential during the pandemic when most people are ordered to stay inside. Because of this, many have been redecorating and adding touches to their homes. Not all decors are available for affordable prices, however. To meet this gap and to help more local shoppers get the best look for their homes, Décor 2 Adore has partnered with Yoorekka to offer its wooden wares and home essentials at lower prices. 

Established amidst the ongoing pandemic, Décor 2 Adore started its operations in August 2020. Operating through online selling and door-to-door deliveries, the brand first began selling wooden supplies and gradually expanded its inventory over the months. Now it offers products for all parts of the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom. Its best-selling products include acacia kitchen wooden wares, dried flowers, and affordable home essentials, and the brand plans to roll out more items this year. 

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Décor 2 Adore aims to improve Filipino homes while also promoting local items and offering affordable home decorations. As a budding business, the brand seeks to become known not only in Metro Manila but across the entire Philippines.

With its partnership with Yoorekka, customers can now purchase the brand’s home furniture, decors, and wooden wares at lowered prices. The Online Selling Suite, a recently launched online shopping platform of Yoorekka.com, was developed to help businesses sell their products more easily through packages and deals, as well as various promotional campaigns.

Decor 2 Adore’s products and best-selling furniture can be found at the Yoorekka Online Selling Suite under Yoorekka Deals

About Yoorekka

Developed in the Philippines for travelers, diners, and consumers, Yoorekka is an online directory and magazine. It aims to present useful information about different travel destinations, restaurants, and shopping centers in the country. 

Its newest feature, the Online Selling Suite, is a virtual marketplace where budget-savvy customers can find the best deals from local businesses and popular brands. The suite is divided into three channels, each hosting distinct brands and products: Webmall Outlets, Yoorekka Deals, and Tiangge Center. Products on offer range from home essentials, apparel, beauty products, car accessories, and more. 

From its magazine to its online selling suite, the site is designed to help readers and shoppers find what they need with ease.

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