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Jim Pratt sits in the Rotary Centennial Park in downtown Monticello against the backdrop of Piatt County Hall.

From bars and restaurants to hotels and gyms, the coronavirus pandemic has caused serious damage to small businesses, both near and far.

Good luck Jim Pratt, He has not participated in any of those jobs.

“We actually had a good year in 2020,” says the owner of the Piatt County-based platform improvement. “Everyone was at home and couldn’t go out for dinner or vacation, so they spent money repairing the house.”

You name the home improvement project, it’s a good bet for Pratt’s team to do it — roofs, siding, windows, seamless gutters, decks, doors, grout cleaning, patio enclosures, sun Room and sunshade.

And that’s just a short list.

Originally from Monticello, the Monticello business owner took the time to answer some of the questions from the editors. Jeff Darescio The 77th weekly speed reading spotlights leaders of large and small organizations.

The hardest part of becoming a leader is … I don’t want to disappoint team members.

I’m spartan in that respect … I will track all.. I monitor all costs when it comes to business.

I can’t live without me … iPhone. All business goes through my phone.

The worst job I’ve ever had is … When I was 16 and worked in the Monticello school district. We were repaving the school parking lot and playground with sand and oil.

This was done in August. It was a very hot job.

Jim Pratt

My favorite moment in this job is … Total annual sales exceeded $ 1.5 million. We did not start business in 2009.

My philosophy about meetings is … I like to keep them short and focused.

My business role model is … Bill Coppola, my old boss at Dal-Tile Corporation. He taught me how to work hard and take care of customers.

The unbreakable rules of my workplace are … We work hard and always treat our customers with respect and kindness.

The biggest business risk I’ve ever taken is … When you start improving your platform. We started from nothing.

It was a dream to realize this idea. It was rewarded because we were so successful.

The last luxury I indulged in … I spent a vacation in Florida with my wife Janice two years ago.

I wake up every day … 7 days a week at 6 am. My dog ​​Stella wakes me up every day.

My exercise routine consists of … Weightlifting and treadmilling three days a week.

Jim Pratt 2

Jim Pratt

The biggest advantage of going to college is … Learn how to make friends and relate to different people.

I do business with many people in my business. I am involved with everyone. I graduated from Millikin University in 1982.

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