Euclidean couple undertakes “labor of love” and brings 222 cold brew specialty drinks and cereal bars to life | Kaiyahoga County

Euclid’s Charles and Robyn Fossen have been working almost every day for over a year to turn a closed thrift shop into a nostalgic paradise for serial and dessert lovers.

222 Cold Brew Specialty Drinks and Cereal BarIs in Euclidean 768E. 222nd St.Celebrate the official grand opening on May 29th from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

The store’s menu is a bit for those who have sweets and aims to offer a wide variety of cold treats. Fossens’s goal was to collect specialty milkshakes, cold brew coffee, and, of course, a wide variety of cereals all under one roof to create something unique.

But that wasn’t always a plan. The couple explained that their trip to 222 Cold Brew began with an adventure into the gourmet shaved ice, Sno Biz Cle.

222 Cold Brew has an extensive collection of cereals that you can take home with your milk in a cup or blend into a special milkshake.

Robin said he had always dreamed of starting his own food-related business since he was in cooking school while living in Dallas, Texas. After returning to Ohio to get closer to her family, she began to dive into researching ways to achieve her goals.

After considering different concepts, such as opening a donut shop and running a food truck, Fossen came up with the idea that there were many possibilities for flavored gourmet shaved ice procured from a company called SnoBiz.

“I was supposed to contact one of the distributors who actually live in Michigan, so on the weekend of the 2019 anniversary, I drove to Michigan to meet the distributor,” she said. explained. We went home and started looking for a storefront. ”

Fossens offers nearly 50 types of shaved ice at 222 Cold Brew, including red apples, butter beer, and “tiger blood,” a combination of strawberries and coconut.

Couples say that shaved ice may be a new concept for many locals, but patrons will enjoy it when they try it, as the Sno Biz Cle part of their store is the only shaved ice seller around. I agreed to think.

“I always use this example because it resonates with people-it’s like the first layer of fresh snow,” Robin said. “It just melts when you put it in your mouth.”

She, of course, knew that shaved ice might not be as popular during the cold winter months, so the pair said they started putting together more pieces in the 222 Cold Brew puzzle.

“We’re talking about it and what do you know? People love cold brewed coffee and you can do so many different things with it,” she said. I remembered.

Robin added that he was a big fan of cereals and began researching ways to incorporate cereal bars into his business. This is a popular concept near the west coast, but it’s not yet widespread in this area.

Customers can create their own cereal shakes or choose one of the special recipes named after the Euclidean streets, such as the East 222nd (front) and E. 185th (center). There are also nearly 50 types of shaved ice, such as “Tiger’s Blood” (back).

“I always have a creative side, but I want to be different. It’s the same as the recipe. The recipe is your guideline, but it’s up to you to make it your own. That is, eat cereal. Some people make cereals with ice cream, but they don’t have cereal bars. “

“So I said, you know, we’re going to combine shaved ice and cereal together at the 222 Cold Brew Specialty Drink and Cereal Bar.”

Fossens secured a shop location on East 222nd Street in early 2020, and the delay caused by the coronavirus blockade and restrictions was a blessing of disguise that gave the entire space the time needed to start over. I mentioned that there may be cases.

Both Charles and Robin have a full-time job, spending almost every night, often until midnight, achieving 222 cold brews after quitting their job.

“It’s just a labor of love for us …” Robin said. “It makes sense because it’s our business, but it makes more sense because we have all the cereals (boxes) on the wall.

“I put over 700 tiles. I actually chose all the paints.”

Charles explained that the different aspects connected by the 222 Cold Brew allow for different variations. And they want customers to come in and grab any cold treats they might feel like.

“If you go in and want shaved ice, smoothies, slashes, and serial shakes, that’s great,” he said. .. ”

222 Cold Brew spends a soft loan night from Tuesday to Friday from 6pm to 9pm until its grand opening. Robin said some of the most popular sellers so far are special blended serial milkshakes named after the streets of Euclid.

“So far, our very popular ones are East 185th Street and East 222nd. East 185th Street is a whipped cream with cinnamon toast crunch, frost flakes and a light rain of caramel,” she said. Told. Crisps, whipped cream, light rain of chocolate, oreo crumble. ”

Euclidean couple undertakes “labor of love” and brings 222 cold brew specialty drinks and cereal bars to life | Kaiyahoga County

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