The SQP Print Center has been servicing the Lorain community since

Owner SQP Print Center Co., Ltd. I couldn’t find any more niche for my interest in computers and new technologies.

And that business and its love for its customers make the SQP Print Center a success, says Debbie and Alan McCartney, parents of two adult children and a granddaughter.

McCartney acquired the business from the founder’s son in 2001.

Today, it is considered an “essential business,” said Debbie McCartney.

The print shop has been in the same location since it was opened in 1974 by Milton Slatzkar. 721 BroadwaySaid Debbie McCartney.

Eventually, when Slatzkar’s son took over the business and joined the Print Center, he met Alan McCartney.

The McCartneys grew up together in Lorraine, a school classmate, and graduated from Lorraine Admiral King High School in 1979.

Both have families in the area.

Debbie and Alan McCartney, owners of the SQP Print Center in downtown Lorraine, are posing with their dog Daphne.

According to Debbie McCartney, they brought their granddaughters to the store every day when their parents were busy working for several years.

The couple created a small room behind the store for a helper with a bed.

She’s so busy going to school that she’s lonely now without her, said Debbie McCartney.

She said she worked in the cable and television industry for several years before joining her husband at the print center.

This move favored McCartney when they worked together to start a new era at the print shop.

“This was great,” said Debbie McCartney. “We are a team.”

The Print Center serves several local businesses and residents, from business cards to pamphlets and other printed matter.

“You can print whatever is printed on paper,” said Debbie McCartney.

The shop specializes in “envelopes and letterheads, full-color postcards and rack cards”, as well as “short-term full-color products, multi-part carbonless paper, black-and-white copy jobs, full-color and black-and-white printing”. , She said.

According to the company’s website, “Our walk-in customers can choose from high-speed digital copy services (color or black and white), fax services, email and scanning services, etc.” On the other hand, our corporate customers print in full color. , Business card printing, leaflets, postcards, brochures, envelopes, letter heads, etc. are available.

Over the years, many of their patrons have become their friends, said Debbie McCartney.

The SQP Print Center has been servicing its customers since 1974.

According to the McCartneys, Alan McCartney has always had a great interest in electronics, especially computers.

“We started with a Texas Instruments computer connected to a TV,” said Alan McCartney. “Then they had a Commodore 64 and I saw a Macintosh.

“To buy it, I had to start my business (at his house) and spend $ 26,000.”

The business began in the 1990s at McCartney’s home.

The bank that lent the founding money to Alan McCartney did not require a down payment, “because he liked my business plan very much,” said Alan McCartney.

As they grew older, the McCartneys added a dog named Daphne, a Bernese Mountain Dog, who would come with them to work every day.

“Some people come just to say’hello’to Daphne,” said Debbie McCartney. “She’s a hit.”

Last year, a pandemic of the new coronavirus closed the country, making the print shop an essential business.

Like other small businesses, changing economic and social practices have hit the print shop, the couple said.

According to Debbie McCartney, the print shop lost much of its business during its closure due to many outages.

“It’s hard to recover,” she said of the loss.

However, many people depended on the print center for the survival of the shop.

“People didn’t have a place to go (due to the need for printing),” said Debbie McCartney. “I’m glad we came here to help them.”

The print shop survives and the owner wants to survive for years to come.

The shop continues to offer notarization services in addition to a wide range of printing options through walk-in options and online services.

One of the biggest challenges these days is online competition for shops, says Debbie McCartney.

She said she enjoys contributing to the community. This is an aspect of the print shop that is not offered to customers in online competition.

“We hope the printing industry will continue to be sustainable,” said Debbie McCartney.

The print shop is open from 9am to 3pm on Mondays and from 9am to 3pm on Fridays.

For more information, please call 440-244-0330.

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