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According to Prudential Financial’s Pulse of the American Worker survey, after more than a year of working, managing ZOOM sessions and staying in touch from home, one in four employees is considering a leap into a new career. I will.

This change is due to the fact that many employees enjoy a new work-life balance and spend less time on long commute and face-to-face meetings.To keep employees happy, 82% of corporate leaders Survey by Gartner Employees are allowed to work remotely for at least some time after the pandemic, and 47% say they are allowed to work full-time from home.

In this newly discovered freedom, there are people who are revisiting their current careers and moving to work in the same field or a completely different job.

“The demand for talent is higher than ever,” says Rod McDermott. McDermott is CEO and founder. Activate 180Is an Irvine-based company that helps people who are stuck, hesitant, or even in conflict about jumping. We asked McDermott to provide his view of the current job market. His answer has been edited with space in mind.

Question: Why do so many people want to quit their current job?

A: One of the reasons employees want to retire is that they have a growing desire to try something new. Those who had a safe and secure job during the pandemic continued to work. If you were thinking of quitting your job before the pandemic occurred, the desire for change is now even more pronounced for two reasons. First, they stayed a year longer than planned, and second, they are currently in very high demand for candidates.

A recent Gartner survey of corporate leaders found that 80% plan to allow employees to work remotely for at least some time after a pandemic, and 47% give staff full-time telecommuting. I answer that I will allow it. (Photo by Scott Burley, Daily Breeze / SCNG)

Question: Some employees may want to stay in the current industry, while others may be ready to reach 180 and start something completely different. Is it difficult to do that in this environment?

A: Changing jobs to a different industry always comes with challenges. It’s easier in this market as the demand for talent is higher than ever. However, recruiters can hate risk and stick to the idea that they only want to find people who are “there and have achieved it” in that particular industry or role. It’s common to be typecast.

The longer you are in the industry, the more stories you have to tell about why your background and experience make sense for the new industry you are entering. Experience can be learned, but passion is very difficult to deceive. Companies, whatever their vision, know the value of finding someone who is passionate about their way of changing the world for their customers.

Question: Does your employer accept hiring workers who have changed jobs to pursue something completely different?

A: Of course, it must be the right employer. An open-minded company that wants to be an industry leader as well as an industry follower. And that must be the right role. You need to effectively tell your recruitment manager how you can be a solution to a challenge they may or may not have. That way, you can bring value to your company that you wouldn’t get by hiring someone new from your industry. For example, if I go out and hire the best talent from the best competitors, the best day is to be as good as they are. On the other hand, going out and recruiting people from outside your industry can disrupt your market.

Question: You are dealing with many senior executives. What is their job market where COVID-19 is still in the spotlight?

A: The job market for senior managers is on fire. Our executive search company is busier than ever. As companies gain visibility through the COVID-19 fog, much of the demand that would have been seen in a normal year has been boosted this year. Even in the aerospace world, flight restrictions, and even the devastating international aerospace market, which are still heavily influenced by COVID-19, they see light at the end of the tunnel to lead this evolving environment. The new talent you need.

Question: As remotework has become more realistic than ever, many companies are closing or shrinking parts of their real estate footprint. How does it affect the job market?

A: Through last year’s remote work, many companies have learned that they can do their jobs without actually having people in the meeting room. Companies tend to aggressively acquire the best extant talent, as well as the best talent to move to their market.

Now, on the contrary, some CEOs share that they have lost cultural ties within the company and are very enthusiastic about getting their employees back under one roof. Is trying to reestablish personal connections that are primarily built face-to-face.

Question: How does Activate 180 work?

A: Whether you’re a job seeker or a company looking to hire and retain great talent, it provides a way for employees to live and start working intentionally.

For job seekers, we offer a project activation program. In this program, a team of mindset coaches and job seekers will help candidates align their goals, passions and vocations with their profession. Rather than just teaching them how to get a job, they find the confidence to build their favorite career and provide the skill sets they need to reach that career.

For organizations, our corporate coaching can provide career development coaching to all employees in the company at an affordable price.

About Rod McDermott

Title: CEO and founder

Organization: Activate 180

Residence: Lagunani gel

education: Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business from UCLA

former job: Currently co-founder of CEO + McDermott + Bull Executive Search

What you need to know about rods

He has thousands of hours of experience as a Jetpilot He considers himself a serial entrepreneur A proud father with four children and from Southern California I love tennis and all that

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