Amherst’s Jenkins & Bevan Insurance Agency has been servicing clients for 60 years.Lorain County

The company, which started as an insurance business in Lorain’s homes, has become an agency that has provided insurance to thousands of locals for over 60 years.

Bruce Bevan met Albert Jenkins, the founder of Jenkins Insurance Agency, through Jenkins’ son Tim.

Bevan and the young Jenkins were close friends and classmates of Lorain City Schools at the time, Bevan said.

Every morning, Bevan knocked on the door of Jenkins’ house, and Albert Jenkins replied, wearing slippers and a bathrobe, with a pipe in his mouth, Bevan recalled.

Albert Jenkins has been running an insurance agency at home since 1954 and eventually teamed up with his son in 1974, Bevan said.

The Jenkins family then moved the agency from their home to the Jefferson Building on 44th Street in Lorraine, Bevan said.

With the name change of Jenkins and Associates, the agency continued to grow, he said.

Meanwhile, Bevan said he was busy running a women’s clothing store in the retail industry and stayed there for about 15 years.

In 1988, Bevan was ready for a career change and remembered his longtime friend with the Jenkins family.

“I wanted to do something different,” he said.

When Bevan jumped into an insurance agency, the name of the company was Jenkins & Bevan Insurance Agency Inc.

A few years later, the partner was ready to move to a new building and found an “old brick telephone building” at 47375 Cooper Foster Park Road in Amherst, just north of Oak Point Road exit on State Highway 2. It was.

The agency continued to provide insurance to its customers, refurbishing new buildings after work and in their spare time on weekends, Bevan said.

In 1995, the company continued to operate after moving to a new office building, providing life insurance, automobile insurance and home insurance to its customers.

“It worked perfectly,” Bevan said.

Bevan said Tom Jenkins had worked for the company after his father’s death, but thought about leaving the company several times until he decided that the insurance business was “more fun”.

However, Bevan said Jenkins eventually received a job offer in 2014 and couldn’t give up and changed jobs and remained a “silent partner.”

Bevan, an independent agency, typically sells customer insurance through companies such as Grange, Travelers, State Auto, and Progressive Insurance.

He said the company has an average of 1,000 customers, most of whom are residents of Lorraine and Amherst.

“I like to be my own boss, but it’s the customer who actually becomes my boss,” says Bevan.

“I have about 1000 bosses,” he added with a laugh.

Running an insurance agency is “not only satisfying, but also very enjoyable,” says Bevan.

About six years ago, Debbie Campana joined Bevan as a secretary and remains an important part of the company.

Bevan said he lost a friend in a car accident on Baumhart Road about four years ago.

A 28-year-old man tried to jump over the hood of a truck while traveling on a pickup truck F-250, but crashed into the windshield, killing the driver, Bevan said.

“I didn’t think (beating the deer) was so serious,” he said.

As a result of the tragic accident, Bevan began to whistle the “deer horn.” It is attached to a car and makes a sound to warn a deer of an approaching vehicle.

When the car exceeds 30 mph, the deer can hear the whistle, but humans cannot detect it.

According to Bevan, the whistle will usually keep the deer away from the road.

“I had a deer on my way home last night, but it stopped when I passed by,” said Campana, who uses deer horns in her car.

Bevan honks as often as possible, even outside the office, she said.

“He takes them everywhere he goes,” Campana said.

So far, she estimates that she has ordered 3,000 deer horns from an insurance agency.

“We not only protect people, we also protect cars,” says Bevan.

He enjoys helping his community and is an active member of his church and local Lions clubs.

However, Bevan is in the office from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays Monday to Friday.

Amherst’s Jenkins & Bevan Insurance Agency has been servicing clients for 60 years.Lorain County

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