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As part of their participation, entrepreneurs receive coaching and mentoring to make informed decisions about the next steps towards growth.

Grupo Guayacán has announced the official selection of 29 Puerto Rican start-ups participating in 16 competitions.Th EnterPRize Business Competition Edition.

As part of their selection, all companies receive an initial $ 1,500 incentive and the opportunity to compete for seed capital of $ 220,000 or more.

Participating companies include agribusiness, skin care brands, food manufacturing, theater companies, mental health services and business services.

As part of your participation, you will receive coaching and mentoring to make informed decisions about your next steps towards growth.

Katerina Sanchez, Program Director at Grupo Guayacán, said:

“Competition began in virtual form in June this year and is a crucial moment for this group of entrepreneurs who have managed to survive despite all obstacles,” she said.

“This year’s contest includes a rich educational program and multiple professional mentoring and coaching opportunities. In addition, we will earn first financial relief and seed capital to help all businesses prosper. We have the opportunity, “Sanchez added.

EnterPRize is Grupo Guayacán’s business competition, providing start-ups with a solid entrepreneurship education program, expert guidance from a variety of disciplines, and coaching during and after the program is complete.

The participating companies this year are composed of the following companies.

  1. Arnie’s Creamery: Craftsman’s ice cream shop.
  2. Asset shelf: A platform that allows contractors to sell surplus materials to real estate investors.
  3. auditorium: Mobile application with audio tools for continuing education.
  4. Millet: Local brand products used in water or waterproof products.
  5. Buen Probecho Nutrition Service: Virtual nutrition service for patients and corporate customers.
  6. C4 – – Long-term care cooperation cooperation center: Services for hospitals and insurance companies to facilitate communication with patients, preventive care and data collection.
  7. Candid society: Art in the form of self-care and women’s products.
  8. CelerOps: A service that approves and accelerates tasks in the areas of accounting, purchasing, HR, and compliance.
  9. Citadock: A directory of healthcare providers that allows patients to obtain and book local healthcare professionals.
  10. Corpsey: Supports the development of database systems for informative analysis and more effective decision-making processes.
  11. Quera: A platform for finding Puerto Rican gourmet coffee brands, delivered directly to your door.
  12. Dam Shinko: Provides integrated psychosocial services for children, adolescents, and their families.
  13. Don Rifa: Digital online platform for participating in raffle.
  14. Escuela Maya güezana de Ballet and Artes Escénicas: Providing educational opportunities for dance and art for children, adolescents, adults and the elderly.
  15. Equalponics: Hydroponics managers provide hydroponics stations to acquire hydroponics stations for employees with a variety of motor functions.
  16. Gama: Providing products and technical services for health and education.
  17. Granos PR: An eco-friendly brand that promotes sustainable practices through education, community relationships and home awareness.
  18. La Bicicleta: An independent theater company that researches and creates new theater languages ​​with a focus on acting.
  19. La Bomba: A restaurant that combines entertainment with services that provide the taste of Ponce.
  20. Löfte Natural Care: Craftsman’s product formula that changes and improves the texture and appearance of the skin.
  21. Mezy by Melolops: Develop high quality vegan and cruelty free cosmetics that are both user and environmentally friendly.
  22. Oh la la: Travel agency and tour operator services.
  23. Achievement project: Helps health companies analyze and report data and use statistical data in their work.
  24. Pinta: You can pamper yourself at home by providing manicure and personal hygiene products.
  25. quibble: Help improve rental property yields through the development of case-by-case pricing strategies.
  26. Teatro Publico: A company that seeks to strengthen regional theaters through regional innovation and development.
  27. Terra Nostra: Use freshly harvested ingredients from local farms to produce refrigerated products that facilitate the meal preparation process.
  28. Terrafilma: Develop and deliver digital solutions that accelerate mitigation efforts, risk prevention, and resource protection. And
  29. Terra Nova Urbana: A multifaceted group that promotes practices and services tailored to environmental protection and food independence.

Participants will compete in three major prizes offered by Grupo Guayacán for $ 25,000, $ 15,000 and $ 10,000, as well as special prizes in various categories totaling over $ 220,000 in seed capital from sponsor groups this year.

Prizes will be announced at the Grupo Guayacan year-end event in December.

This article was written by our staff based on the press release.

Grupo Guayacán Announces 29 Startups in EnterPRize 2021 Competition – News Is My Business

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