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Seeing technological advances over the last 40 years has been “attractive” to the natives of Lorraine, who own a local security company.

President Ken Lebman Revman Systems Co., Ltd.In 1977, we started installing a security system in Lorraine.

At the time, security systems were very different and were taking a “whole new path,” Rebman said.

In the 1970s, security systems were “relay-based,” he said.

In other words, the system operated as a “switch” and lacked the microprocessors that are prevalent in today’s systems, Rebman said.

He said his introduction in the security world began primarily in apartment buildings with video security and access control.

When he left home and started working for a security company, Lebman said he made about $ 35,000 a year.

Currently, Rebman owns and operates his own company based in: 1909 Northridge Road East..

According to him, the company’s total annual sales have exceeded $ 1 million over the years.

Rebman bought the property after the company’s growth exceeded his home base.

“Success depends on the customer,” says Rebman. “I am very happy with the growth of my business.

“I’m proud of it.”

According to the Rebman website, “My company’s success stories are directly related to the highest quality products and excellent customer service focused on the latest technology. Rebman Systems, Inc. Install custom shooting, intrusion, access control, monitoring, and communication systems specific to services, inspections, supplies, and / or individual projects, code, and budgets. “

Rebman Systems National Fire Protection Association, Ohio Electronic Life Safety and Security, and Electronic Security Association, According to its website.

The company works with builders, contractors, private owners and public asset managers.

Rebman usually said he likes to hire 5-6 technicians in addition to a few administrative staff.

Losing veteran employees is one of the downsides of the business, Rebman said.

“It was hard to find a worker,” he added, adding that the most frustrating part of his business is retaining talented employees.

Last year, while fighting the pandemic of the new coronavirus, Levman said he was back in the field as a technician due to a shortage of staff.

“I was helping when I needed it,” he said.

Lebman said he enjoys his work and is willing to return to the field as he has no plans to retire in the next few years.

“Work is fun,” he said. “I’m sorry I have to retire.”

Lebman said he has been a sports advocate for many years and continues to shape up at his local gym.

“I think it has a lot to do with my mental structure at work,” Lebman said of his regular exercise routine.

Diversification of technology

Often, when Lebman takes his work home, he works 50 to 60 hours a week.

When the company has an employee list, Rebman said he’s trying to focus on the sales side of the business, such as planning contracts and drafting quotes.

“(Rebman Systems) is a diversified technology that allows us to integrate multiple systems to achieve a higher level of security and communication for our customers. System integration and networking It’s the hottest trend in the electronic security and telecommunications industry. “

Many of the security systems that Rebman sells are currently cloud-based.

“No touch seems to be very popular right now,” he said of the latest technology.

Rebman says he is fascinated by the various security systems and the technologies that run them.

Many residential security systems are now self-made models, but Rebman says his company focuses primarily on commercial accounts, but still retains its presence in the residential space. Stated.

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