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After passing through local vendor stores and booths at the Farmers Market in Elyria on June 19, Erie Square was once again full.

From 9am to 1pm, the booth was selling produce, homemade household items, clothing, soap, bags and wooden utensils.

Tom Pycraft, owner of Sonrise Produce, said he loves to return to the city to sell produce because he is a former resident of Elyria.

In North Ridgeville, Pycraft grows and harvests its own produce. His farm is full of fresh greens such as various lettuce, peas, garlic, green beans and herbs, he said.

“I’ve been on the market for three years. I started selling produce in my home,” he said.

On Market Day, Pycraft said he was picking produce outside at 6am to make sure everything was fresh and ready.

“I think people like fresh produce because they support small businesses and shop locally,” he said.

Tracey Carden-Mason, owner of Tracy’s Trinkets, Treasures and More, said he has been in the farmers market for several years. But she said it’s more important than ever since she lost her storefront.

“Because I was a single mother, I decided not to open the storefront after closing for COVID-19,” she said. “There were too many factors to justify.”

Her tent contained items such as lathering milk baths, bath bombs, soaps, body scrubs, and organized baskets and shelves of lip balm. She thank the customers who have done her business frequently.

“It’s great to have continuous support and my growth,” she said.

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